Did Cersei Just Prove She's Game Of Thrones' Greatest Villain?

Cersei Game Of Thrones

I'm not sure any show in the history of television has ever put up as many quality villains as Game Of Thrones. From the sadistic, sociopathic and villainous bastard Ramsay Bolton to the spoiled, temperamental and foolish King Joffrey Baratheon, HBO's brilliant drama has let a lot of characters wear the black hat, but after tonight, a serious case could be made that the single most evil person in the history of the show is Cersei Lannister.

The following story contains full-blown spoilers that cover everything that's happened in the history of the show. OK. Maybe there aren't that many spoilers, but if you're not caught up, just bail. You already gave us a click, and we really don't want to ruin your evening.

Alright. Now that we can talk freely, let's recap what just happened. After a long life of doing bad girl shit (having sex with her brother, getting her husband killed, plotting against everyone), Cersei was on trial for a whole host of crimes. Her original plan was to have the Mountain save her life in a Trial By Combat situation. Unfortunately, her idiot son Tommen ended Trials by Combat because he was basically just a pawn for the High Sparrow.

Long story short, she was going to die. So, she schemed harder than she's ever schemed before. With the help of some candles, a ton of wildfire and murderous children, she blew up everyone who showed up to her trial. While she watched. Drinking wine and smiling. Like it was the easiest thing she's ever done.

Cersei Lannister is not the most physically imposing character on Game Of Thrones. That's probably the Mountain. Or maybe The Hound. She's also not the smartest character either. That's probably Varys. Or maybe Tyrion Lannister. She's also not the most screwed up in the head. That's definitely Ramsay Bolton. But I don't think there's a single character on the show that's as determined and unwilling to lose as she is. At any given time, she's five moves ahead, plotting ways to make every one of her enemies, no matter how casual, suffer. Even when she has naked setbacks, she just keeps trudging forward. I can't imagine that changing anytime soon, no matter what the future holds.

So, what do you think? Is Cersei the greatest villain in Game Of Thrones history?

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