A Top Gear Host Might Quit Over All Of The Backstage Problems

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The new version of BBC's Top Gear just hit the schedule a few weeks ago, but the show has seemed plagued by behind-the-scenes problems since it first started coming together. The latest bout of rumors mentions that the two new leads of Top Gear, Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans, are having plenty of trouble getting along. New reports indicate that Matt LeBlanc may be making an ultimatum that could lead to the series choosing one host over the other.

The new Top Gear has been a little disjointed onscreen. Earlier this year, the show announced that there would be seven major players in the new episodes, counting the Stig, which means that not everyone has gotten the same amount of screen time on the series. The two major constants have been Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans, both who bring their own flavor to the new Top Gear, along with Chris Harris, Rory Reid, Sabine Schmitz and Eddie Jordan. While relationships have seemed alright onscreen, reports from the set have stated that Matt LeBlanc has not been a fan of Chris Evans' behavior in general, especially as people have started to be critical of his performance on the series. LeBlanc is reportedly asking for Evans to go or for himself to get out of his contract.

The report is coming from The Sun, so take it with a grain of salt. However, this wouldn't be the first time we've heard about on set problems on the hit BBC series. A few months before the series hit the air, we learned that Chris Evans may have been overcommitted between TFI Friday and Top Gear. In the time after that, there were other problems mentioned on set, including a potential feud between the two leads. Still, former reports that Evans and LeBlanc have been having problems on set have been called "a big load of bullshit" by the former Friends actor when he was personally asked about them.

Whether or not it's a load of crap or simply an amalgamation of the truth remains to be seen. When Matt LeBlanc was signed on to the drama, he was signed on for two seasons of the hit series, so if Top Gear does earn a renewal by the BBC, the actor should be back next year. He also has the final season of Episodes and a new CBS drama project in the works. Chris Evans, on the other hand, has a ton of different gigs in the works and is consistently busy outside of _Top Gear. _

The BBC hasn't even stated whether or not Top Gear will continue moving forward. Ratings have been okay with the new cast, although early ratings were down from Jeremy Clarkson and co.'s run on the series. Still, in more recent weeks, people seem to be starting to be back on board and the ratings have risen somewhat. Next week will be the final episode of the new season of the show. No decisions about the future of the series or its leads have been made at this point.

New episodes of Top Gear air on Netflix internationally. You can find out what else is coming to TV with our summer TV premiere schedule.

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