The Hilarious Way One Former Employee Celebrated Nancy Grace Leaving HLN

nancy grace leaving hln

Nancy Grace has been on the air for more than a decade at this point. The titular host's looks at true crime have frequently garnered controversy, thus ensuring her legacy as a household name. Just a few days ago we learned that Nancy Grace will be ending on HLN, and plenty of people on the Internet had reactions to the news, including one former employee, who had a hilarious take on her former employer's departure.

In a flurry of Twitter messages, Mary Cella did not hold in her thoughts regarding Nancy Grace leaving HLN later this year. Here's a sample of what she had to say:

The flurry of comments, only get more intense after that. There's the one that talks about the time Nancy Grace allegedly humiliated her in front of a slew of co-workers.

Clearly, Mary Cella was not a huge fan of working for Nancy Grace, and if she is telling the truth about some of the exchanges she had with the true crime show host, it's easy to see why she'd be stomping on pictures and making such bold accusations on the internet after Nancy Grace's departure was announced. Here's the one that probably takes the cake:

There are more like this, including comments about what Nancy Grace looks like without make-up and even her eating habits. Mary Cella is a comedian by nature and some of these comments may push the boundaries if she is hoping to work with a news network down the line, but since her work on Nancy Grace seems to be behind her, it looks like she had no problems letting loose. You can read her full flurry of messages, here, which sadly, don't seem to reference that one time Nancy Grace hilariously suffered a nipple slip (NSFW) and then lied about it on Dancing With The Stars.

As for Nancy Grace, we first learned the show would be ending late last week, when reports indicating the longtime host would be leaving her series surfaced. Nancy Grace spoke with CNN's executive vice president earlier this month and ultimately decided to end her series after her contract runs out in October. So, if you are a fan--or aren't--there will still be a few months to catch her on the air before she gives her final sign-off.

In the past, Nancy Grace has worked to get syndicated shows on the air, including Swift Justice. She's an on-air personality with name recognition and the ability to bring in huge ratings. She's also an on-air personality by profession and will no doubt be looking to find a new gig sometime in the future. While we wait to hear what Nancy Grace does next, here's what TV has coming up this fall.

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