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Warning: no matter what side of the marijuana legalization road you stand, nor how much tolerance you have for either Nancy Grace or rapper 2 Chainz, the video below is going to be your First Biggest Irk of 2015, as the polar opposite personalities sorta-debate whether pot should be legal or not. In full disclosure, it’ll probably piss off the anti-Grace crowd more, because nobody knows how to interrupt a good point with an empty one like Nancy Grace.

Now it’s your turn for full disclosure: how many times did you pause this video to run out of the room screaming obscenities at the top of your lungs? It’s such a strange “interview,” since Grace hovers above 2 Chainz the entire time with a spotlight, hilariously trying to get him to say, in no fewer words, that the U.S. legalizing weed would directly cause parents everywhere to force their 2-year-old children to smoke marijuana. That point-of-view is supposed to be roused by a genuinely distasteful video of a woman making her toddler smoke in what clearly wasn’t the first instance of it happening.

While many other people might say what 2 Chainz said in a chainsaw-like tone, he just calmly points out the singular instance and questions the parent doing it in the first place. She also tries to get him to attribute another heinous accident to pot smoking, disregarding all other details about the people involved. In hyper-chill mode, 2 Chainz douses shade on alcohol and proceeds to make a case against the former prosecutor on several ways making pot legal would be more positive than negative, even using his own problems with police over trace amounts of weed as an example of the financial waste that criminalization costs.

So even if you don’t agree with what he’s saying, 2 Chainz is still adhering to the pro-marijuana arguments that are often espoused. And Nancy Grace is just repeatedly trying to make him say that making weed legal is going to lead to horrible death and the destruction of children’s lungs and brains. It’s a blind-side argument, because no one can see that sharp angle coming.

Even stranger, she keeps bringing up how intelligent 2 Chainz (real name Tauheed Epps) is, which may seem like it’s some sort of a defense, but she’s really just trying to make him say, “I’m TOO SMART to let weed legalization kill people and make shitty parents do awful things.” It would make one wonder why this segment happened in the first place, but he gets to tell his Tity Boi story, so one should be too amused to care.

Who do you guys agree with more here?

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