The Cool Way Legends Of Tomorrow Could Connect Sara And Laurel Lance Again

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The DC universe on The CW grew in a big way in 2016 when time travel series Legends of Tomorrow joined Arrow and The Flash as part of the network's superhero lineup. Only a handful of characters have appeared on all three shows to date. Laurel Lance was one of them, and her death in Season 4 of Arrow affected the characters on both The Flash and Legends. Sara Lance's reaction on Legends to learning of Laurel's death was heartbreaking, especially since she never got any closure in the flesh with her sister. Well, Laurel actress Katie Cassidy has come up with a way for Sara to reunite with Laurel once more, and it wouldn't involve resurrecting Arrow's Black Canary.

Katie Cassidy's last appearance on The CW in the 2015 - 2016 TV season came not on Arrow but on The Flash. She played Laurel's Earth-2 doppelganger, who goes by the name of Black Siren and was an ally of the evil Zoom. Black Siren ended her episode on The Flash captured but very much alive, so there is an incarnation of Laurel alive on Earth-1. According to Cassidy, Black Siren would be a perfect way to connect the Lance sisters once more. Here's what she had to say:

I mean emotionally it would be more difficult for [Sara] to see her sister like that. Because Laurel of Earth-1 doesn't really have a bad bone in her body. I think she means well and has a good heart. So to see this side of her, it's not really Laurel. It's the antithesis. I think it would be awesome and amazing and such a cool dynamic. Just create more story for Legends. It would be great.

Katie Cassidy revealed her idea via a chat with Fangirlish, and it actually sounds like the best way for her to appear once more in The CW's DC universe aside from flashbacks. Arrow star Stephen Amell has already said that Laurel is not going to be resurrected on his show, Rip Hunter was very clear to Sara that there would be no going back in time to stop Laurel's death, and Barry Allen will hopefully have learned enough of a lesson about not messing with time during his Flashpoint story that he won't be racing back to try to save her either. Laurel is quite thoroughly dead in the present, so the only way for Sara and Laurel to connect once more in the present would be via a meeting between Black Siren and White Canary.

Hopefully for Sara's sake, a meeting between Black Siren and White Canary wouldn't wind up in her capture. Sara has already been chained in a basement by Earth-1 Laurel Lance; she doesn't need to be chained in a basement by an Earth-2 Laurel Lance.

If Katie Cassidy is going to don a mask and leathers again on The CW, I'd personally much rather it be for an appearance as Black Siren than for a reprisal of Arrow's Black Canary. Bringing Laurel back to life or for flashbacks on a regular basis could ruin what poignancy there was in her death. Black Siren meeting White Canary could be a cool way to handle a Katie Cassidy return, and we can bet that Caity Lotz could deliver in her performance as Sara.

Of course, we have no way of knowing whether or not a Black Siren/White Canary connection could be in the future for Legends of Tomorrow. The idea came from Katie Cassidy rather than an executive producer or writer, and nothing may ever come of her pitch. Only time will tell. To see what has been revealed about what's next to come for Sara and the rest of the crew on her show, check out our breakdown of what we know so far about Legends of Tomorrow Season 2.

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