Why It's Good Nicholas Left The Walking Dead When He Did

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While The Walking Dead comic books turned Nicholas from a fear-bogged backstabber into a more responsible character who took his obligations seriously, no such outcome happened on the TV show. Even the mini-antagonist's final act of putting a bullet in his own brain was the most ill-advised thing he could have done in that situation. But we should all be thankful that he bowed out when he did, as actor Michael Traynor thinks that had Nicholas survived, he probably would have gotten even worse by becoming one of Negan's underlings. Ugh.

Because it boasts such a large cast, The Walking Dead is mathematically geared to introduce characters that certain audience members are primed to dislike, and Nicholas was just such a bottom-feeding snake. But it's important to distinguish that his cowardice and aversion to survival were based largely on zombies bumbling around willy nilly. Here's how Michael Traynor explained it.

Nicholas, in the great coward's defense, he was good with humans. He almost took out Glenn, and Glenn's a wily dude. It was just the walkers that unnerved him. It was the whole undead shambling mounds with the guts coming out of you saying 'mmm you're tasty.' Potentially [he would have been helpful with Negan], which makes me even hate him more.

In connection with the Walking Dead attraction opening up at Universal Studios Hollywood, Traynor shared his thoughts with IGN in response to whether or not he thought his character might have been an asset to Rick & Co. in the impending war against big bad Negan in Season 7 and beyond. It's no surprise that Nicholas would have been more of an "asshat" than an "asset" where Negan is concerned, seeing as how he'd have probably fallen in with the Saviors simply because they weren't Rick or Glenn's people. He was the worst, and it's good that Traynor is well aware of that.

You know what? I'd almost be fine if The Walking Dead returned for Season 7 and revealed that Nicholas' gnawed-up corpse was brought back to life and that he was actually Negan's big victim from the Season 6 finale. I'm so glad we don't have to watch him causing more ignorant messes for our central survivors. It's a testament to Michael Traynor's work on the show that the half-stubbled character causes my hives to get hives when he's mentioned.

We're still some months out from seeing who that victim will really be and what effects the death will have, as The Walking Dead Season 7 isn't expected to debut until October. But while you're waiting, head to the next page to see how actor Scott Wilson thinks his Hershel Green would have dealt with Negan.

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Hershel Green, man of wisdom and fine crutch skills, got his head lopped off a couple of seasons ago thanks to The Governor, an act we've never quite forgiven the show for. And if we had some wishes to use on TV shows, we'd definitely bring Hershel back for Negan's reign of terror in Season 7. But Scott Wilson doesn't seem to be quite as assured of his battle skills. Here's how he laughingly said Hershel would react to Negan.

I would think I would want to just stay with the kids. The kids will be protected.

Dammit, Scott Wilson. You were supposed to be our savior here, possibly by smothering Negan with your beard or shoving a crutch up his ass. At least I still have my fan fiction to keep my motivated.

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