Major spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 finale are below.

Season 6 of The Walking Dead has been the most structurally varied of anything we've seen so far, and the finale's final sequence was also unlike 95% of the show's most intense scenes. Regardless of whether you loved it or hated it - I laid out my own opinions here - that ending is going to be all fans will talk about for the rest of the spring through to the fall. I'm obviously talking about that mountainous cliffhanger, which left viewers without the knowledge of whose head Negan's bat destroyed. (It also left us with that sickeningly squishy sound echoing in our heads.)

To kick off this marathon session of speculation, here are all 11 characters that were lined up and kneeling in front of Negan, ranked by who is the most likely to have inhaled their last blood-drenched breath. Let's give Morgan and Carol a round of applause for getting out of harm's way. Or, at least this particular version of harm.

 walking dead
11. Carl
We don't have any misguided assumptions that Negan isn't monstrous enough to kill a teenager, since we don't really know what the live-action version is all about just yet. (I mean, beyond wanting revenge, as well as everybody's shit.) But he seemingly gave Carl a free pass during the scene, calling him a future serial killer to Rick. Plus, we know that Negan and Carl are going to have an interesting relationship in the future, and that relationship probably doesn't involve any corpses with eyes missing, so it's hard to believe that Carl was in serious danger during this scene. No matter how much some of us would be cool with that.

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