What Happened When Walton Goggins Saw Bill Murray For The First Time


We live in an age often defined by adoration of celebrities, but few high-profile individuals have managed to attain the godlike status enjoyed by Bill Murray. The comedian,turned actor, turned show business messiah has become a role model to the masses, and even Hollywood insiders apparently have a hard time keeping it together when he shows up on set. Bill Murray's latest project involved him taking part in the upcoming HBO series Vice Principals alongside similarly talented thespians Danny McBride and Walton Goggins. However, upon seeing Murray for the first time, Goggins reacted in a rather unexpected manner. Here's what he had to say:

I remember knowing that he was going to be there, and sitting on this secret, and not being able to tell anyone. And it took us a few days to actually not have a thunderstorm in South Carolina, where we could begin filming those scenes in the pilot. I remember seeing him walk up, and it was so overwhelming for me. It was my nature to hide. I walked into my trailer, and I thought I'd hid out long enough. I didn't hear him, and I walked out and he was standing right there.

Walton Goggins is a well-known actor who has worked alongside numerous high profile celebrities over the years, but he revealed to EW that when he finally saw Billy Murray he reacted how many of us would -- with an almost childlike sense of awe. He actually went off and attempted to hide from the silver screen legend. In all fairness we can't say that we blame him, especially when Goggins explained how much Bill Murray's early work means to him on a deeply personal level. In the words of Woody Harrelson's character from Zombieland: he's Bill Fucking Murray.

Following the compulsion to hide in his trailer, Walton Goggins would go on to admit that Bill Murray approached him with the charm and charisma that anyone would expect of the seasoned comedian. He simply walked up to Goggins and admitted to being a big fan of his ever since his days on The Shield. During their time on set together, Murray would even give Goggins some sage wisdom about improving as an actor by not laughing during another person's take.

This sort of encounter just goes to show us that even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves star struck from time to time. Walton Goggins has worked alongside some of the most talented individuals currently employed in show business, but even he found himself ill-prepared to meet Bill Murray when the time finally came.

Ultimately it seems that Walton Goggins managed to get over his spellbound state and actually work alongside the iconic actor to great effect. Check out the trailer for Vice Principals below to catch a glimpse of their brief scenes together:

Be sure to check out Walton Goggins, Danny McBride, and Billy Murray when Vice Principals premieres on July 17 at 10 p.m. EST on HBO, and make sure to check out our premiere schedule for more information regarding all of the most highly anticipated summer TV debuts.

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