The Prison Break Actor That Almost Didn't Return For The Revival

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These days very few iconic properties can remain dead for long. FOX seems to have recognized that, and will soon bring a revival of Prison Break back to the small screen. All of the major elements will return when the new season finally airs, but not every member of the cast was instantly willing to sign on to the project. Actress Sarah Wayne Callies almost opted not to return for the next season, but ultimately the Colony star seems to have found a perfectly understandable reason to come back.

In a recent interview with EW, Prison Break veteran Sarah Wayne Callies opened up about signing on for the revival and her specific reason for doing so. She said:

Prison Break meant a tremendous amount to me personally, and I have a job, so I only want to come back if we're doing something brave. . . I hope I'm a better actor and I hope I can bring more to it than I did before, so that, to me, seems like a legitimate reason to do it.

So it seems that Sarah Wayne Callies was not going to sign up for a Prison Break revival just for the sake of doing it. The project needed to actually be good enough to warrant her return, and it had to bring something new to the table in a way that honors what we as an audience have already seen. She goes on to explain that she views the upcoming season of the classic FOX series as a personal challenge to herself as an actress because she wants to utilize skills and talents that she might not have possessed during her first run as Sara Tancredi.

Sarah Wayne Callies Prison Break FOX

At the end of the day we couldn't be more thrilled that Sarah Wayne Callies finally decided to sign on the dotted line to return for the upcoming Prison Break revival. Her character Sara Tancredi is incredibly important to the mythos of the series -- even to the point where her death was retconned out of existence during the show's initial run. Not including her in the upcoming season would feel like an omission of the one of the series' most vital elements. To have series mainstays like Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller return without her would almost certainly not sit well with longtime members of the audience.

We will keep you up to date with any and all details related to FOX's Prison Break revival as more information becomes available to us. The new season of the beloved series will premiere in Spring 2017.

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