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There were a lot of shows on the bubble between cancellation and renewal this year. One of these was Marvel's Agent Carter, an ABC drama that saw its ratings drop during Season 2 but still acted as a fun, quirky midseason replacement for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Despite some hope from the show's fans, Agent Carter did get axed, but this week Dominic Cooper gave us a little hope regarding Agent Carter and more specifically, the possible return of Howard Stark during a San Diego Comic-Con panel feauting fan-favorite actors from numerous shows. Here's what the actor had to say:

Absolutely, I have so much fun doing that show with Hayley Atwell and James [D'Arcy]. I don't know what they're doing with it, so. But there's been talk about the fans really wanting it and there's a petition to get it back. I don't know what it's doing, but I always jump at the chance to play him. He's great. I have excellent fun playing him. It was very different from doing Preacher as well.

Dominic Cooper is currently on the AMC drama Preacher, but the nice thing about a cable gig that only produces 10 or so episodes per season--13 will be produced for Season 2---is that the actors have time to take other side gigs. If any Marvel project should need Stark, it would all be a matter of scheduling. And a return for the character might not be as big of a stretch as you might think. Civil War had its fair share of flashbacks, and there's no reason to think Infinity War couldn't, too. In addition, there's always the possibility that Agent Carter could come back in some way, shape or form, as the petition that went around is really hoping for. There are certainly plenty of people who would be happy to see the Marvel drama back.

Honestly, the biggest problem facing a potential Agent Carter revival is the fact that ABC really wanted to keep Hayley Atwell in the fold. In fact, the network announced Hayley Atwell's drama pilot Conviction was moving forward around the same time that we learned Agent Carter would not be getting the third season many fans had hoped for. A network drama, unlike shorter cable shows, shoots for a good chunk of the year, making it less likely that Agent Carter could come back in a significant way anytime soon.

Obviously, this is all theoretical, but it's still nice to think about Dominic Cooper's well-liked character making his way back to the big or small screen.

For now, there's plenty of Dominic Cooper elsewhere to go around. Preacher is just finishing out its run on AMC this month, and the drama has already been renewed for a second season at the network. You can check out what else the major networks have coming up with our TV premiere schedule.

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