Is Dennis From It's Always Sunny A Serial Killer? This Awesome Theory May Convince You

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In the eleven seasons that the hilarious It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been on the air, the show has put its characters through everything from crack addiction to being held hostage to amateur wrestling to Lethal Weapon 6. And so much of it has shown Dennis Reynolds to be capable of stunningly deep levels of depravity. But could he actually be a serial killer? The following video theory is, in a word, convincing. Check it out.

I've definitely had many suspicions of over the years about what sordid moves Dennis was making whenever the camera wasn't on him, but those suspicions have always been thankfully interrupted by Mac's karate, Charlie's spelling problems, Dee's insecurities and Frank's entire existence. This video, created by pop culture theorist and YouTube stalwart Ryan Hollinger, does the seemingly unthinkable by actually putting such an uncomfortably impressive number of Dennis' most inhumane moments together, which paints a particularly non-virtuous picture of the Golden God.

Usually, a fan theory will go far and beyond the realm of possibility in order to make its feasibility apparent, but in this case, it's more unbelievable that all these clips were edited together than it is that Dennis has all kinds of bodies secretly buried in and around Philadelphia. I might have assumed that he'd shove them in the AC vents, but Charlie would have found those by now.

And it isn't just about the hypothetical nature of Dennis' behavior on display here. Hollinger makes direct comparisons between Dennis and convicted killers like Ted Bundy and Ed Gein. Much of that is tied to his extreme narcissism and his deplorable formulaic approach to seducing women. Not to mention the times where he makes references to skinning people and other cringe-worthy threats. One can easily imagine Bundy having his own Paddy's Wagon to find his holiday victims.

Of course, by the end of the video, reality sets in and it's logically pointed out that the imbalance between Dennis' self-imposed ideals and others' reactions to him is a major part of the show's comedic success. By telling and not showing, actor Glenn Howerton can look like the skeeziest piece of shit on Earth, but not in a way that he could be convicted of any actual wrongdoing. Well, murder specifically. A lot of the shit he does with women is seriously wrong, evidenced best by his multimedia collection of his own sexual escapades.

Seriously, though, how is this not the face of this country's most dangerous citizen?

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia has another three seasons already locked down with FXX, so that's at least 30 more episodes of potential victims for Dennis to hunt down and kill. Well, not really kill. (It's the implication!) Expect Season 12 to debut on the network in early 2017. Before that, though, check out all the shows coming this fall that may or may not feature their own serial killers with our TV premiere schedule.

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