What Happened To That Flaming Arrow Couple On America's Got Talent

It was the flub heard round the Internet. Earlier this week, Ryan Stock & AmberLynn attempted a trick live on the screen that was incredible dangerous. After Ryan stuck an arrow-sized target down his throat, AmberLynn shot a crossbow at the target. Despite the use of a laser pointer, she missed and struck her partner in the throat. It was scary, and while the arrow thankfully didn't puncture his throat, it left a nasty welt and forced the performer to quickly regurgitate the target he swallowed. When the time came for America to vote, the act unsurprisingly headed home.

During Wednesday's results episode of AGT, a lot of acts got through, including several singers, an athletic juggler, a pair of clairvoyants (I wish they would just call themselves magicians, because really), a rubix cube magician and more. The series did take time to address Ryan and AmberLynn's scary moment and the couple asserted that it was equipment malfunction and not poor performance that caused the big mistake, but it was too little, too late. You can check out a look at the moment, below.

ryan and amberlynn

America had had enough of the danger act and sent the couple packing. It wasn't just a dangerous week for that couple, though. A bunch of really great acts were stuck in the danger zone and America had the chance to do the Dunkin' Save and pick one of the three acts to keep. The judges were then able to save another, sending one additional act home. ThroWings, Sal Valentinetti, and Kadie Lynn were all in danger of heading home. Sal easily won the Dunkin' Save (I'm a little shocked he was even up for elimination as the pizza boy is charming despite being a little cheesy.) The judges couldn't agree on who to keep, meaning the act that had the lowest votes---ThroWings---went home. It was a shame because the act really laid it all out there and attempted a routine that had seriously injured the female flyer a few years ago. I could have seen the rubix cube guy go home, but I'm not the only one voting.

Returning to the issue of Ryan Stock and AmberLynn, I'm really bummed the danger act went home. There aren't a ton of danger acts that even made it through to the later stage of the competition. From what I can remember, going into last night's episode, there was really just Ryan and AmberLynn, the Deadly Games knife throwers and ThroWings left. The one thing I really liked about Ryan and AmberLynn's act was how controlled it seemed---until the huge flub last night. The couple certainly isn't an act for everyone, but I wish their bit had gone better this week.

America's Got Talent is currently taking a break for the Olympics on NBC, so we won't see the contestants back until close to the end of the month. For now, you can see what TV has coming up with our fall TV premiere schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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