Fallout 4 Player Builds Giant, Functioning Rubix Cube

Bethesda Softworks did something different with Fallout 4: they put creation tools in the game. Quite naturally one would expect lewd or sophomoric items to start stumbling out onto social media, but instead a very impressive, very large, and somewhat functioning Rubix Cube was made in Fallout 4 over the course of 25 hours.

PC Gamer spotted the interesting modification in Fallout 4, in which user theowest managed to rig together more than 180 generators, over several thousand wires and a power indicator that got stuck at 999. The result is a giant, glowing Rubix Cube.

The interesting thing about it is that it does light up and change colors. However, it does not physically rotate due to its design. Some gamers believe that when the official mod tools release for Fallout 4 an actual rotating cube should be possible. You can see what it looks like inside and how it's rigged with the Imgur album below.


Taking a look inside you can see how it's possible to actually walk around inside of the cube. According to the Reddit thread, theowest states that the cube is so hefty that when he goes around the 180 generators or walking up and down inside the cube itself his PC took a frame-rate dive from 60fps down to 20fps. According to theowest, moving around the wires managed to bring the frame-rate down into the single digits since there's so many of them. He also states that there's little difference in performance when changing the resolution when moving around the objects. Theowest runs Fallout 4 at an impressive 4K, but he stated that even bringing it down to 720p didn't help with the frame-rate around all the wires and generators.

One common question is how he was able to get all of the materials to build the cube. Well... console commands.

This sort of creation is only possible on PC. Theowest used god mode to travel around and avoid dying, he also used the fly cam so he could move around and snap the screenshots that you see above. He also disabled the HUD and supplied himself with all of the extra supplies such as wires and copper to create the Rubix Cube.

It's an impressive feat for someone not having access to the mod tools yet. The game's officially mod tools won't come until a bit later, as noted by Todd Howard earlier in the year. Even still, Fallout 4 has managed to bring out the creativity in gamers even with the limited creation suite made available in the game.

This is one of the more impressive creations for the title, despite things like the nude mod making its way around the game only a day after it came out. Fallout 4 has already managed to move big numbers the world around, with 12 million units having been shipped.

If you want to build your own Rubix Cube you'll need a very hefty gaming rig to do so. Of course, you'll likely gain back a lot of performance by not running the game on max settings at a resolution of 3840x2160.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.