A Pizza Boy Is Probably Going To Win America's Got Talent, Watch This

America's Got Talent has been in fine form this season. I don't know if it's because new judge Simon Cowell has been the magic ingredient for the judges table or if the talent at the auditions has simply been a bit more exciting than usual, but this season has been really compelling. Case in point: During last night's episode, a pizza boy came onstage and wowed audiences with his adorable personality and his incredible voice. Give it a watch, below.

You would think that anyone who comes out on the stage to sing Frank Sinatra might sound a little dated and old school, but contestant Sal Valentinetti has the stage presence and the right attitude to make it work. The Long Island pizza delivery guy initially explains that he simply wants to make a better life for himself. His plan for doing that is to bring back the "Dean Martin-style" roasts and have fun with them. It's a forum that probably won't work to fill stadiums and concert halls, but could be a good fit for a Vegas-type show.

More importantly, it could work for America's Got Talent. The rapport that 20-year-old Sal Valentinetti was able to have with the judges during his short time onstage was a part of his act, and it made him more likable and endearing. It's easy to see how the young man could nab some votes, especially when he cheekily flirts with Heidi Klum after singing on the stage.

It helps that Sal also has a good voice along with that charming personality and singers on America's Got Talent have generally had a pretty good track record over the years. Plus, how could you not love a young man who seems so genuinely excited about moving forward to the next round on NBC's competition series?

We're calling it right now. Sal Valentinetti could win this season of America's Got Talent if he can figure out a way to up what he did this week. Of course, there are no guarantees. We've already seen an adorable young lady with a set of pipes that will knock your socks of. She was so talented that Simon Cowell called her the next Taylor Swift, but she is very young and that can sometimes work against contestants on these sorts of shows. She's not the only other contestant who has showed promise this season, either.

You can see how the competition plays out when new episodes of America's Got Talent air on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on NBC. In addition, you can also check out what other TV is coming up this summer with our premiere schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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