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Another year, another set of people freaking out over a Game of Thrones actor or actresses' hair. This week, Sophie Turner unveiled a huge change from the look she sports on the wildly popular HBO series, prompting plenty of people to totally freak out about the Targaryen-esque look and what it means for the series. But first, here's what Sansa Stark looks like when she changes out her red locks for blonde ones.

I did a thing..... ???????

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It's a pretty huge shock to see the actress go from a redhead to a woman who is basically channeling Daenerys Targaryen on social media. Regardless, while some people on the Internet may be flipping out, it's unlikely there's a huge cause for worry. In fact, there are a couple of big reasons why you shouldn't freak out that Sophie Turner has changed her hair before Season 7 starts filming.

First and foremost, Turner is a natural blonde who has worn her hair red for the past six seasons on the series. That's a long time to go without your hair color. And while her new look might cause her to get confused as a Targaryen, it's probably not a cause for worry. Case in point: Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, actually is a brunette when she's not filming for the series and she simply wears a wig while shooting on the show. If Sophie Turner needs to return to being a redhead, we presume she could do something similar.

She's not the only Game of Thrones cast member who has added some color to her hair over the summer. A short time back Maisie Williams also revealed blue in her hair, which is a look Arya Stark probably would think would be too noticeable. Luckily for the two leading ladies, filming for Game of Thrones is expected to start way later this year, likely because the HBO drama is shooting fewer episodes than usual. There's plenty of time to get their hair back into Game of Thrones shape before filming commences.

People were freaking out last spring when Kit Harington seemed to have cut his hair. A bunch of conspiracy theories indicated that this meant Jon Snow was officially done with the show. Obviously, at this point we now know this isn't true, but at the time, it was something to talk about, and doubtless HBO loved the misdirection surrounding the very important plot.

Going into Season 7, we know Sansa Stark is alive. She defeated her foe Ramsay Bolton and when the series returns she'll have to be in at least one scene. So, she's certainly not going anywhere yet, and while she might have a sibling who is part Targaryen, we've never seen a young lady who channels her mother quite so much. Sansa is Tully and Stark, through and through.

You can check out what we know about Season 7 with our extensive guide for the upcoming episodes.

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