The Albert Einstein TV Show Just Cast The Perfect Actor For The Lead

Albert Einstein left such a legacy as a scientist that any show based on his life has the potential to become a major hit. His contributions to science led to the development of the atomic bomb that hugely affected the end of World War II, and warfare has never been the same since. Nat Geo's decision to showcase Einstein in the upcoming series Genius could result in big ratings for the relatively small network. The variable that had the potential to make or break the show related to who would play Albert Einstein. Luckily, Nat Geo has landed the perfect actor to bring him to life. Geoffrey Rush will tackle the role of Albert Einstein for Genius.

Geoffrey Rush will star as Albert Einstein in the debut season of the NatGeo anthology series Genius, according to Deadline. Rush will actually be only one of two actors playing Einstein; Johnny Flynn will portray Einstein in his early years before fame claimed him. Geoffrey Rush is set to play Einstein after he became a big name in science.

Season 1 of Genius will explore how the brilliant and imaginative young Albert Einstein struggled with a menial job that did little to challenge his intellect. His life changed when he unlocked the atom and developed the theory of relativity. In the years following his breakthroughs and the development of the atomic bomb, Einstein became a controversial figure on non-science fronts. His complicated personal relationships and political activism will be highlighted in Genius in addition to the science to give a more nuanced look at the life of Albert Einstein.

Genius is Nat Geo's first scripted series, so a fair amount of pressure will be on Geoffrey Rush to anchor a compelling first season. Fortunately, Rush has experience in many genres over the past 45 years that should guarantee a stellar performance as Albert Einstein. He's no stranger to period projects or biopics thanks to roles like Shine and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. He's perhaps best known nowadays for his role as the pirate captain Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, although he earned a place in the more serious spotlight thanks to his role in The King's Speech in 2010. Rush has spent much more time in film than television, so it should be interesting to see him in a biopic role that lasts for more than a couple of hours. The first season of Genius will run for ten episodes.

Geoffrey Rush should have plenty of source material to consult for research. The Einstein chapter of the Genius anthology will be largely based upon the 2007 biography Einstein: His Life and Universe, which included several personal letters written by Einstein himself that had been unreleased for decades. Filming was set to begin in Prague this summer, but we have no news just yet of when we can expect to see Genius hit the airwaves on NatGeo. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what you'll be able to watch in the meantime. A very different version of Albert Einstein will be turning up on Legends of Tomorrow, so it could be worth tuning into The CW for an hour to compare.

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