Relive The Craziest And Goriest Kills From Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 1

If pools of sticky blood were currency, then the Starz horror-comedy Ash vs Evil Dead would be the richest show on TV. Bruce Campbell's iconic Ash Williams was back in deadite-demolishing form for the entirety of Season 1, which featured some of the most splatter-iffic kills in horror history, and you can experience them all in the upcoming Season 1 Blu-ray/DVD set coming out on August 23. One very groovy extra dives decapitated-headfirst into the gore, and you can check out the exclusive clip below!

You guys ever have that dream where it's back in biblical times and Bruce Campbell is Moses, and he comes down from the mountain with two tablets that he'd sculpted into a shotgun and a chainsaw? Is that just me? Back to the video then.

TV shows don't usually get "greatest hits" like albums do, but this "How to Kill" feature from the Season 1 Blu-ray is as close as it can possibly get for Ash vs Evil Dead. We get to hop from one soaking wet massacre to the next in quick fashion, and while there is of course the drawback of not being able to chuckle and chortle at all the assorted one-liners and other amusing situations, I'm too busy hooting and hollering to notice. At at least we got to hear Bruce Campbell talk about chopping and stabbing.

I feel bad for fans of other horror shows where it's just about a killer with a knife or somebody who uses a non-boomstick gun to put their victims down. BORING. As seen above, Ash vs Evil Dead brings the pain to both humans and deadites with a variety of entrails-spreading instruments and situations. I'm always partial to seeing a gloopy head get burst open, but there's something disgustingly magical about watching that gas mask fill up with blood after the car smashed into the tree. That's outside the box shit.

And because all of this awesomeness happened in Season 1, you know the ante is just going to get raised for Season 2 later this year. The trailers have been as ridiculous as one would expect, and the story is moving to Ash's hometown, where we'll get to meet his father (played by Lee Majors) and his best friend (played by Ted Raimi), as well as all the other folks he meant to leave behind forever. But better than that, we're gonna get to see a ton of new effects-driven kill shots! (revs chainsaw and screams into the night) I can't wait, obviously.

Ash vs Evil Dead will offer up a whole new platter of exploding heads, monster guts and more when Season 2 hits Starz on Sunday, October 2. It's not something you'll want to miss out on, just like you don't to miss out on the Season 1 Blu-ray and/or DVD, which comes out on Tuesday, August 23. Pre-order it here. For everything else coming to the small screen later this year, check out our TV premiere schedule.

Nick Venable
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