This weekend, people around the country will be dressing up in their craziest costumes to celebrate that most sacred of holidays: Halloween. But the best way to spend your evening won’t be out partying and getting candy; it’ll be plopping your ass down in front of your TV to watch the first episode of Starz's highly anticipated horror-comedy revival Ash vs Evil Dead. If there was a single doubt in your head that this modern take on the material would be lacking in any way, then you've obviously let the evil version of yourself start doing the thinking.

Here are 5 reasons why Ash vs Evil Dead not only stands up to our expectations, but surpasses them and chops them into little pieces. It may not end up being the best show of 2015, but it's unquestionably one of the funnest.

ash vs evil dead
Bruce Campbell , Bruce Campbell, Bruce Campbell
I don't need to tell you that Bruce Campbell is one of the grooviest actors in Hollywood, and I seriously doubt there's any confusion over Ash being one of the grooviest characters in fiction. And from the very first moments of the series, Campbell reminds everyone just how much he owns that role. Here, Ash is portrayed as an aging and plump semi-lothario working a dead end job and living in a trailer with his lizard, but don't let that fool you into thinking the describes Campbell himself. He's looking better than he has in years, and his shotgun and chainsaw skills are just as excellent as they were 23 years ago when Army of Darkness came out. Everybody's happy to see Harrison Ford returning to the role of Han Solo, but horror fans are even more jazzed about Campbell returning as Ash.

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