The Flash First Look: Check Out Joey King As Magenta

There's clearly no shortage of color on The CW's Arrow-verse. We've seen Green Arrow, Golden Glider, Blackout, and The Scarlet Speedster all within a matter of years. However, there is always room for more vibrant and (literally) colorful characters in this world. In fact, we now have our first look at Joey King as Magenta from the upcoming season of The Flash, and she most certainly lives up to her villainous name. Check out the tweet below to see for yourself.

Actress Joey King posted the above photo to her personal Twitter account yesterday afternoon, and it offers our first good look at what to expect from the magnet-powered Magenta when she finally appears on screen for the very first time. She'll be bending metal, and doing it in style. In keeping with the traditional aesthetic of most villains from The Flash, the design team has seriously played up the colorful nature of the character and added magenta to Magenta wherever possible -- giving her a very counterculture, punk rock look on the process. It's campy, but that's The Flash's whole shtick. However, this only represents the beginning of the character's look, as we are certain that we will get glimpses of her costume, as well as the CGI used to enhance her look, as time wears on.

Magenta The Flash Joey King

What's also interesting to note about the color of Joey King's eyes is the fact that they actually harken back to the comic book design of the character. When depicted on the panels of DC comics, Frances Kane a.k.a Magenta features very bright and vibrant eyes that quite literally glow with the color from which she derives her name. The folks at The Flash did their homework.

Although we still have previous few details to go by, it feels as though The Flash has started grooming Frances Kane to take up a more long-term role on The Scarlet Speedster's solo series. By comparison to most of the actors and actresses who play villains on The Flash, Joey King is a relatively big name with several silver screen credits (such as White House Down and The Conjuring) under her belt. There's a general undercurrent of excitement and enthusiasm surrounding her eventual debut on the series, and it would be a waste for The Flash to squander all of that on a simple one-off appearance. We won't know for certain until fall rolls around, but we remain hopeful.

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