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Comic book fans are undoubtedly familiar with the character Cyborg, especially now that he made his cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and has been confirmed for both a Justice League role and a standalone movie. But TV fans are more familiar with the hero from the animated series Teen Titans and its wacky follow-up Teen Titans Go!, and that's the version of the character that rapper 50 Cent wins the Internet for dressing up as to celebrate his son Sire's birthday. Check this out.

How great is that? Also, is it possible for me to apply for 50 Cent to be my surrogate dad for my next birthday? I don't know what the laws are for that kind of thing, or if he'd even be interested. Probably not. Why am I so sad now? (Looks up at picture of 50 Cent's Cyborg.) Okay, happiness has set in again.

It was the fourth birthday party for Sire Jackson, son of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and model Daphne Joy, and the kid apparently wanted a party themed after Teen Titans Go!, which makes perfect sense, given the show's all-ages appeal. (Granted, you have to be something of a silly adult to like the show, but that's how I roll.) And not only did big Daddy bust out the cosplay skills for the prosthetics-enhanced DC Comics superhero, but as you can see in the Instagram post below, Joy also got to show off as another Teen Titans Go! character, Starfire.

Birthday party photo, the kids had a ball.

A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

Man, it would have been badass enough had there only been Cyborg and Starfire costumes involved, but these guys have a badass Jump City backdrop AND some cutouts of the characters themselves. AND there's a Robin AND a Raven. (I'm not entirely sure who those costumed folks are.) This birthday party rules all. Tonight, my secret superpower will be "abject jealousy of millionaires."

There has been talk about bringing Teen Titans to the small screen for a live-action drama, though it's been pretty slow going. But if it happens, I think we have our first audition right here. (I mean, 50 does call him "a Cyborg," but whatever.) The rapper has been boosting his acting resume in recent years, showing up in movies such as Spy and Southpaw, as well as starring in his own Starz production, the successful drama Power. I think he could handle playing a superhero in the future.

Currently still on the tail end of its 53-episode third season, Teen Titans Go! returns to Cartoon Network after a month-long hiatus tonight, September 5, with another new episode coming on Thursday night.

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