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The good guys of Arrow have been through a wild series of ups and downs in four seasons, and many of those trials are things most regular folks wouldn't be able to make it through. It looks like one character, though, is about to go through something completely different. According to Arrow's executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, Felicity is about to enter some brand new territory.

We're positioning her to do something in the second half of the year that is really, really key, and that isn't about her relationship with Oliver or even necessarily her father or her mother. It's really new territory for her, and we've very excited about it. Some big things are going to happen with Felicity.

Well, now. I wonder if it would have been possible for Marc Guggenheim to be any more cryptic? What's that? Yeah, you're right, that answer was pretty much as cryptic as a cryptic answer can get. Guggenheim's reveal to Entertainment Weekly that "some big things are going to happen with Felicity," is sure to have fans all atwitter with ideas of what the hell he even means by that answer.

Let's look at what we might already know about what's coming up for Felicity. She and Oliver are still broken up because he didn't tell her about his secret son right after finding out about him. But, Felicity and Oliver are currently the only members of Team Arrow who are sticking with protecting Star City after finally managing to save the world from Damien Darhk last season. Now, Oliver will be working as the mayor for his day job, so he's going to be doing some big boy juggling to keep up his nighttime crime fighting, which is probably why he (and, in turn, Felicity) will be training new vigilantes in Season 5.

We also know that Felicity will still be dealing with her part in the nuclear destruction of Havenrock last season. Being a part of something like that when you're not an evil mastermind is going to leave behind a lot of guilt and probably some anger, too. So, Felicity is bound to be facing some pretty strong feelings during the first part of the season. And, on a show like this, strong feelings can often lead to big actions.

So, what in the world is Felicity going to be doing in the second half of Season 5 that will have nothing to do with Oliver or her family? Apparently, it's going to be something that will be "key" to the story and will be "new territory" for Felicity. I'm going to hazard a guess that she's not becoming a vigilante on her own, that would just seem silly at this point. Beyond that thin possibility, though, I'm stumped as to what's coming, and, really, that's probably for the best.

Maybe we'll have some more clues as to Felicity's key new territory when Season 5 of Arrow starts on October 5 on The CW. Be sure to check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see when all your other favorite shows are returning.

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