How Arrow Is Going To Feel About Felicity's New Boyfriend, According To Stephen Amell

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The romantic relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak was a major plot in Season 4 of Arrow. That romance came to an end when Felicity found out from a supervillain that her fiancé had a secret kid in another city that he had been visiting behind her back. The two still pretty clearly had feelings for each other even after the big breakup, but Felicity will be moving on at least in some capacity in Season 5. Felicity actress Emily Bett Rickards has revealed that a new boyfriend for Felicity will make his grand Arrow debut quite early in the fifth season, and star Stephen Amell has an idea of how Oliver will react to Felicity's love interest. Here's what he has to say about how Oliver will feel about Felicity's new romance:

I think he will be fine. I think he will be fine. (Looks concerned). He will hug a pillow, much like I am hugging a pillow now, but he'll do it in private.

Stephen Amell shared his thoughts about Oliver's feelings about Felicity's boyfriend in a chat with TVLine at Comic-Con, and they paint an interesting picture about Oliver's state of mind in Season 5. He didn't exactly react well the last time she had a boyfriend who wasn't him. Maybe we're in for fewer longing looks and outbursts in Season 5 than we got in Season 3 when Felicity was dating Ray Palmer. Of course, Oliver did get to experience the catharsis of beating the crap out of Ray; if the new guy in Felicity's life isn't a villain or a vigilante, Oliver won't be able to vent any of his frustration by kicking him in the face. Stephen Amell did go on to joke that Felicity's boyfriend could always end up dead after taking an arrow to the head, so he clearly hasn't forgotten how poorly Oliver reacts to gents in her life that he hasn't pre-approved.

Oliver won't necessarily have the time to brood over Felicity moving on the way that he did in Season 3. As mayor and lead vigilante in a city suddenly without as large a Team Arrow, Oliver is going to have his hands full in both halves of his life. The trailer indicates that Felicity is still going to be by his side in the mission to save the city; he may not even have to acknowledge the relationship as long as it's not right in front of him. Oliver's real superpower is compartmentalization. If he doesn't see Felicity with the new guy, Felicity with the new guy might not be too huge of a preoccupation.

Who knows? Perhaps Oliver himself will move on once he gets over privately hugging his pillow. His relationship with Felicity may have imploded due to the terrible baby mama drama, but he is a more well-rounded person for having built a life with another person. Oliver may be more inclined to try a life without her instead of moping in a lair the way he did for parts of Season 3.

Or Oliver could silently stew over his lady love dating another guy until he explodes from subdued feelings in sweeps episodes. Only time will tell. Hopefully Arrow finds a way to handle Oliver and Felicity outside of a relationship differently than Season 3. The last thing with need is a repeat of the romantic melodrama of the third season; the fifth going in a different direction could work well.

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