New American Horror Story Trailer May Hint At Lady Gaga’s Role In Season 6

american horror story season 6 lady gaga

FX's American Horror Story has really been throwing fans for a loop this year. The anthology thriller usually reveals its theme, plot, and characters in the months leading up the premiere- but not this year. With the season debuting in just a few short days, we still have literally no information about what to expect from Ryan Murphy's spooky miniseries. The marketing team behind AHS has produced a ton of vague trailers for the upcoming return, with the promise that one of them contains the real theme of the season. A new one of these teasers has just been released, and it may hint at how much of Lady Gaga we should expect from her second run on the series. Check it out below.

Once again, we know literally nothing about Season 6 of American Horror Story. But the above trailer might just hint at how big Lady Gaga's role will be in the season.

The new trailer is comprised of footage from the myriad teasers which have been released over the course of the last month. Each made up of startling and unsettling imagery, it's clear that the folks behind American Horror Story have no lack of terrifying themes for the future of the series. But something is new about this particular trailer: the music.

This week brought the debut of Lady Gaga's highly anticipated new single "Perfect Illusion". And now the smart marketing minds behind American Horror Story have recut their trailer to feature the actress/singer's newest work, which seems like a stroke of genius to cash in on Gaga's current popularity. However, it just may mean something more significant for the series itself, as Gaga is set to return for the first time since her Golden Globe winning performance in Hotel.

While Lady Gaga's participation in Season 6 was revealed months ago, we were left to wonder as to what the size of her role will be. After kicking ass and taking names as the Countess during Hotel, I think we all assumed that she'd be stepping back a bit in order to focus on her new music. Personally, I was prepared for 2-3 episodes of Gaga in Season 3; enough to keep her in the family without taking over her schedule. But now that she's become the backdrop of the most recent trailer, we just may be getting more Gaga than originally anticipated.

Of course, we'll just have to wait and see how much Lady Gaga is in American Horror Story when the still untitled sixth season premiers this Wednesday on FX. Be sure to check back with us here at CinemaBlend for all the AHS updates as they come.

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