Is Two-Face Coming To Gotham Soon? Here's What We Know

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With so many villains running the streets in Gotham, it's a wonder there's anyone left in the city that doesn't have nefarious schemes afoot. But there are still some good people out there, as well as more villains still yet to come, and one character actually fits both of those categories: Harvey "Future Two-Face" Dent. Gotham executive producer Ken Woodruff recently spoke about why Season 3's arc changed from Heroes Will Fall to Mad City, part of his explanation seemed to quite specifically hint at the emergence of the iconic Two-Face. Here's what he said.

If last season was about, how did supervillains come into existence, then this season is about the other half of that, which is not only do you need supervillains to exist for a city to fall, but also you need your heroes to fall. That can mean either they die, they're killed, or they're disfigured or rendered incapable of helping, or they turn into villains themselves.

Let's do a quick rundown of all the people inside of Gotham City that fall under the heading of "hero," knowing that we'll have to stretch that term to work for us. Umm, it's basically just Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon as far as regulars go, and there's no way Gotham is going to kill either of them off. I also don't see the show turning either of them into villains. The same goes for Alfred, who is at least a good guy if not an outright hero. (I guess Bullock could bite the bullet at some point, but taking Donal Logue off of TV is something not even The Joker thinks is cool.)

But if we pull the scope back a little bit, there's Harvey Dent, Gotham City's District Attorney. This guy is actually more into getting legit justice inside of Gotham than anyone else, even if it means questioning every choice Jim Gordon makes. (Since they're almost always ridiculous and outside the law.) Also - and this is the point where we bring out spotlights and fanfare - his comic book persona was disfigured, rendered incapable of helping, and then turned into a villain. That's everything Ken Woodruff referred to that didn't involve outright death, so that has to be what he's talking about, right?

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I guess there are no certainties in Gotham, but it would be mighty coincidental (if not outright misleading) if Woodruff's words aren't in reference to Two-Face. The basic version of his story involves him getting his face half-burned with chemicals, after which he adopts his split personality, and his actions are guided largely by a flip of his two-headed coin. Gotham's Dent already has his coin, so all the pieces are in place for him to take his fall from glory. Look for a new chemical company to get built in Gotham City soon.

Gotham is already introducing The Mad Hatter to Season 3, as well as the rest of Hugo Strange's many monsters. We're also getting a new version of Poison Ivy and possibly a return of the Joker-ish Jerome. There's not that much room for more villains as iconic as Two-Face, but I'm sure he'd have no trouble finding an entrance, even if it meant killing others off to balance things.

Gotham will return to Fox for Season 3's Mad City arc tonight, September 19, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To find out when you'll soon get to see your other favorite faces, both single-form and double-form, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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