William Shatner's Series Better Late Than Never Renewed For Season 2

Better Late Than Never

This summer saw the premiere of plenty of new shows and not all of them get to survive to see another summer. Though it hardly breaks the mold, NBC's fish out of water reality series Better Late Than Never is getting to come back for Season 2. Starring the likes of William Shatner and Henry Winkler, everyone's favorite ragtag group of older gentleman and one young comedian (for some reason) will be traveling to a new foreign country next summer.

NBC has revealed that it will be renewing Better Late Than Never for a second season. The reality travel show follows actors William Shatner (Star Trek) and Henry Winkler (Happy Days), former NFL star Terry Bradshaw, boxer and businessman George Foreman (all your dad's favorite people!) and comedian Jeff Dye as they travel through a foreign country for the first time, taking part in the cultural traditions, communicating with the locals, and eating exotic food. In Season One the group's destination was Asia, resulting in a journey that saw them through Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Hong Kong; and Phuket and Chiang Mai, Thailand. No new destination has been announced just yet for Season 2 and Winkler, Shatner, Bradshaw, Foreman, and Dye are all set to return.

Better Late Than Never was the number one new series introduced by broadcast networks this summer. In its four-episode season, Better Late Than Never averaged a 1.8 Nielsen rating in adults 18-49 and 8.1 million viewers overall. The reality show ruled its Tuesday night timeslot of 10 PM, going undefeated in adults 18-49 against its competition on ABC and CBS.

Is Better Late Than Never better than most other travel shows? No. But it has a cast of really likable people with wildly different personalities. It's fun to see these guys hanging out and doing stuff, and even though it's pretty fluffy, sometimes that's really all you need to enjoy a show.

For a look at what exactly these five guys get into each episode, here is a clip of the gang learning how to be samurai. The bit where William Shatner beats Terry Bradshaw in ninja stars is as fun to watch as that sentence is to type (read: very).

The premiere date for Season 2 of Better Late Than Never is still unknown but keep it here at CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated with all your TV news.

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