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Gotham has spent the last two seasons proving that its boundaries are few and far between, and now the characters are running amok in a Gotham City that is pure chaos, with things only getting worse. (I can't wait for this to be a pinball game.) Season 3's second installment, "Burn the Witch," is Gotham running full-tilt (pun!), mixing chuckle-worthy moments with wild plot turns, and everything in between. Here are five bonkers and game-changing moments the episode had to offer.

gotham bruce wayne

Bruce Made A Deal With The Court Of Owls

Every time I watch a Batman movie in the future, I'm going to imagine that particular version of Bruce Wayne also went through all the shit that Gotham's billionaire is taking on. Bruce's plan to get some one-on-one attention from the Court of Owls was successful, even if his bait meant physical harm to Alfred and no obvious solution. Without a lot of moves to play, Bruce makes a deal with Alpha Owl, agreeing to stop looking into the secret organization, as well as into his parents' murder, for protection for him and his loved ones. It was apparently a plan he cooked up with Alfred, and we all know Bruce will never really give up the hunt for his parents' killer, so...what now?

gotham poison ivy

Poison Ivy's Re-Introduction

Last week, the impish Ivy Pepper got way too lippy in the presence of Fish Mooney and her goons, sealing her fate. She was touched by Fish's age-advancing cohort, and this week brought in an older version, who rose from the muck with sex appeal and a bigger fascination for all plant life. This would be an unthinkable kind of adjustment to go through, and Ivy doesn't take a single moment to second guess that her decision to murder someone for throwing out a dying plant might be over the top. Sadly for Gotham City, that extremely weird and sadistic behavior won't stick out too much on its streets.

gotham penguin

Penguin Let Fish And Hugo Strange Go Free

I'll admit that this was something of a cop-out for Gotham, especially since the Penguin/Fish stuff doesn't interest me as much as other arcs. But I still didn't quite expect it. It was an episode of Penguin leading the charge to take Fish down, and it also included Jim making another deal with the villain to deliver Fish on a silver platter. But all it took was the thin explanation that Fish considers Penguin her greatest achievement, and boom, all of Penguin's past animosity is temporarily vanquished. It's just going to bite him, and presumably everyone else, right on the ass. Why would he do that?

gotham bruce double

Bruce Met His Doppelgänger

It was quite the busy episode for Bruce, who not only got to meet the dastardly organization giving him troubles, but also came face to face with his lookalike, who first popped up in the Season 2 finale. Other-Bruce is one of Hugo Strange's subjects, but just about nothing else is known about him besides the fact that he's not a clone. After getting Bruce's name from Ivy last week, the doppelgänger showed off his apparent skills by breaking into Wayne Manor - which isn't all that hard, considering everything that has occurred. But he's no threat, and rather pathetically asked that no one hurt him. What is going on with this guy?

leslie gotham

Lee's Terribly Timed Return

There was an awkward as balls moment in the episode when Valerie Vale and Jim's "sexual tension" came to a head, with her asking him "Who the hell are you, Jim Gordon?" and then they kissed and stuff after she slowly took her jacket down. It became extremely obvious why Valerie entered the picture once we got to the train station and Morena Baccarin's Lee Thompkins stepped out and stood around for a little while without having a clear destination. She was name-checked earlier in the episode, so it was obviously coming, but I bet we will soon get a scene where Valerie, Lee and Barbara are all there giving Jim a hard time.

Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when all the other shows are going to give us bonkers moments, check out our fall premiere guide.

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