What's Up With Bruce Wayne's Doppelganger On Gotham, According To The Actor

bruce wayne doppelganger

There was a lot going on in Gotham at the end of Season 2. We got a James Gordon twist and Fish Mooney returned with a fully regained memory. Still, the most shocking thing that probably happened during the Season 2 finale was seeing Hugo Strange's monstrous incarnations get released from an abandoned bus and into the streets of Gotham. One of those individuals actually happened to look almost exactly like Bruce Wayne with a longer haircut. During the Gotham Comic-Con panel in San Diego, series lead David Mazouz revealed that Bruce Wayne's doppelg_ä_nger is absolutely, 100% a different person. Here's what he had to say:

The thing I really want to make clear going into Season 3 is that there are two different people but for some reason they look exactly the same and have the same kind of mannerisms. Basically, almost the same person. BUT they're not.

Honestly, when the monsters came out of the bus in the Season 2 finale and the Bruce Wayne doppelg_ä_nger was officially revealed, there was a lot of speculation related to what the heck the Fox series was trying to do. Some of this speculation revolved around the fact that this could be some weirdo version of Bruce Wayne, whether that be a clone or even some weird double accomplished by Hugo Strange or the Court of Owls. But at the time we also thought it could legitimately be a different person, maybe thanks to some crazy twin plot or even something kookier that the Fox series had cooked up.

While David Mazouz also said there's really not a ton that he can reveal about the doppelg_ä_nger character, he also mentioned that it has been really fun to play two different characters on set each day. Plus, just knowing that the person who stepped out of the bus with the other monstrosities is, in fact, a totally different person gives us a lot to chew on.

As for young Bruce Wayne himself, we also got a tidbit explaining where the original character will be going in Season 3:

By the end of the season, he will know that he wants to go towards Batman.

That's right, while grappling to figure out his identity as Bruce Wayne, he'll start to gravitate toward the ideals that Batman embodies, although don't expect a suit. Still, the whole doppelg_ä_nger plot does make us wonder, though, since Mazouz is a minor if the series had to cut down on some screentime for Bruce Wayne in order to incorporate this look-a-like character. Luckily, we won't have too long to wait to find out.

Gotham is set to return to Fox's schedule on September 19 at 8 p.m. ET. You can also find out more about what to expect from Penguin in Season 3, here. And more about Season 3 casting, here.

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