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While TV viewers are happy to see the fall premiers bring back many favorite shows, there is a downside to summer's close. Namely, we'll have to wait nearly a year until new episodes of Game of Thrones hit the small screen. And while this wait can be pretty damn excruciating, we do have the luxury of social media to help get us through it. Emilia Clarke, who plays Dany in Game, has a particularly active social media presence- and she's not too shy about sharing her life her drones of fans.

Emilia Clarke recently took to her personal Instagram page to share an image of some familiar Game of Thrones faces. Check it out.

It looks like Khaleesi has reunited with her squad. And an awesome squad it is.

The above image shows Emilia Clarke with her regular scene partners Nathalie Emmanuel and Jacob Anderson, who play Missandei and Grey Worm respectively. These two, along with Tyrion Lannister, are Daenerys' most trusted allies in the Great Game, and have been with her since she first got the Unsullied army in Astapor. She freed the two former slaves, and has elevated their station to heights unknown by their peers.

game of throens emilia clarke

While it's all good and fun to see Emilia Clarke with her co-stars, it actually means something more significant for hardcore Game of Thrones fans. This trio of actors usually share tons of scenes during Game, but Season 6 was particularly lacking as far as those scenes go. Dany spent most of Season 6 trying to get back to Meereen and dealing with her little Dothraki problem. As such, Tyrion took Dany's place in the trio, and we weren't given a ton of Dany/Grey Worm/ Missandei scenes. So while there is a ton to look forward to in Season 7, I'm happy to see this motley crew return to our screens.

It should be interesting to see where Daenerys goes at the start of Season 7. The season finale saw Dany triumphantly sailing to Westeros alongside House Greyjoy, House Tyrell, and House Martell, but where exactly is this mass of ships going to dock? Surely, they're not going to attack King's Landing outright, so they'll have to find somewhere else to amass their forces and make a plan of attack. Perhaps they'll make friends with a certain northern house as well?

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