Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't yet watched the Season 2 premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead.

After Ash vs Evil Dead made its beyond fabulous debut last year on Starz, I began to grasp the knowledge that the Halloween season will never feel as perfect as it does when there's another season of Bruce Campbell's Ash Williams destroying deadites and taking names (and appendages). Season 2 of the splatter-driven horror comedy kicked off this weekend, and the first episode is quite possibly the bloodiest 32 minutes of TV you'll see this year. At least until next week's episode, and so on.

Here are the 5 craziest moments that the premiere, "Home," shoehorned into our brains, with more than enough viscera around for lubrication. It is so, so, so, so, so good to have Ash vs Evil Dead back on TV again, especially now that he's back in his hometown with his not-so-proud papa. Let's celebrate it.

That First Bar Fight

Just when our heroic trio seems free to enjoy some much-deserved binge-drinking and flirting, the waterfront bar festivities are cut short when a handful of possessed ghouligans attempt to take down Ash, Kelly and Pablo. It's a wild ball-smashing affair, and one that required a lot of fake blood and guts. Both Ash and Kelly get hilarious moments involving dripping limbs flopping and flying, and that bit with the severed legs slipping in the blood could not have been a funnier or more fitting sight gag. Plus, this is where we get the instantly memorable "Ashy Slashy" rhyme, on top of many more great moments. This goes down as one of the sweetest scenes of 2016, dismembered hands down.

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