Aquarius Cancelled By NBC After Two Seasons


It looks like now we'll never know what happened to the Manson Family. After airing two seasons, the historical period drama Aquarius has been cancelled by NBC. The Peacock Network aired two seasons of the series, but after some lackluster ratings and multiple moves in its schedule, NBC is deciding to pull the plug on the drama. The series was led by David Duchovny and created by John McNamara.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Aquarius will not be returning to the air for a Season 3. The drama was originally picked up straight to full series and premiered in the summer of 2015. After airing the first episode, NBC decided to post the entire 12 episode season online for streaming, which was made available for four weeks. This made Aquarius the first broadcast show in TV history to use this unique marketing strategy. The odd move was seen as an experiment at the time, but now it looks like just the first step to the show's eventual cancellation.

Aquarius was never able to generate very high ratings or buzz which was likely the key factor in its cancellation. Season 1 aired at a dismal 1.05 rating with adults 18-49, though that number climbed somewhat when factoring in delayed viewings. Despite the ratings, NBC gave the show a surprise early renewal for Season 2. The second season premiered in June 2016 on Thursday with a two-hour episode. Strangely enough, NBC ran this two-hour block ad free, but it was still only able to generate a 0.4 rating. The ratings declined through the weeks, and eventually the show's fate was cemented when it was moved to Saturday- the TV graveyard. The accidental series finale aired on September 10 with a 0.2 rating.

Set in Los Angeles in 1967, the series followed David Duchovny as Detective Sam Hodiak, who was tasked with the investigation of a missing teenage girl, only to learn that she had taken up with the Manson Family. Gethin Anthony played Charles Manson with a cast that was rounded out by Grey Damon, Claire Holt, Ambyr Childers, and Madisen Beaty.

If there is a silver lining in this cancellation, it's that it frees up Duchovny for more X-Files. The six-episode Season 10 revival of the classic sci-fi procedural drew big ratings for Fox last winter, and things have been looking hopeful for a Season 11. If Fox can get series creator Chris Carter and stars Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, then a new season is basically a done deal. Plus, how can we go another year without seeing that Mulder Smoulder on television?

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