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Kit Harington came to fame by playing the likable Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, but now he's got another TV project in the works that will see him play a much different role. Harington is in talks to star in a drama based on the life of British radical Guy Fawkes.

Kit Harington could star in and produce the drama, currently titled Gunpowder, for the BBC. Gunpowder is expected to be a short series, with three hour-long episodes being produced. The historical drama would be set in 1605 and focus on when Guy Fawkes and a group of 12 provincial English Catholics tried to blow up Parliament's House of Lords in order to kill the Protestant King James I and help a Catholic come to rule England again. The attempt, known historically as the Gunpowder Plot, was thwarted on November 5 when officials at Westminster Palace found Fawkes guarding the explosives, which consisted of 36 barrels of gunpowder, the group planned to use. Londoners were encouraged to celebrate the king's escape from assassination by lighting bonfires, and the British still celebrate the occasion on November 5 every year with bonfires, fireworks and by burning Guy Fawkes in effigy.

Anyone who's tuned in to Game of Thrones knows that Jon Snow is no revolutionary. He's fought hard to do the right thing and still stay alive (without making that work every time) in the harsh world that the show takes place in. As Jon Snow, though, Kit Harington is no stranger to fighting, and he doesn't always come out on top, but the audience pretty much always wants him to. It's going to be difficult for a lot of folks to watch someone we see as a steadfast good guy play a man who doesn't have the best of intentions for some of those around him.

On the other hand, it's a good way to get people interested in a story about a man who had some devious plans. Kit Harington's Jon Snow is the closest Game of Thrones comes to having an actual hero; people love him as the character and the BBC is likely thinking that having him play Guy Fawkes will get a lot of eyeballs on the show when it finally debuts. Aside from the fact that Harington has a lot of fans, having a guy who's thought of as being heroic play someone with an evil plot up his sleeve should make audiences more likely to want to stick around for this tale of a historic bad buy.

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According to Deadline, Harington admitted a little while ago that he's actually related to one of Guy Fawkes' co-consiprators, and has been working on a screenplay inspired by the event. It's not clear right now if his screenplay will be used for this BBC production, but I'm sure Gunpowder will be a blast to watch either way.

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