Ash Vs Evil Dead Renewed For Season 3 At Starz

Ash Evil Dead

Blood, chainsaws, and laughs. That sounds like a groovy combination, doesn't it? Ash vs Evil Dead has taken the world by storm by delivering gore, comedy, and Bruce Campbell to audiences in equal measure on a weekly basis on Starz, and the show's success means that there's plenty more dismemberment to come in the foreseeable future. We hope that you're ready to once again hail to the king, because Season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead is on the way.

Starz has officially renewed Ash vs Evil Dead for a third season, according to Deadline. Despite the fact that the horror-comedy series is only one episode into its second season, Starz seems to have enough faith in its ability to generate viewership to invest in yet another 10-episode season -- one which will presumably premiere next fall.

Ash vs Evil Dead is one of the most pleasantly surprising recent developments on television, because although the Evil Dead franchise has become an iconic cult classic on the big screen, the Starz series has really brought Bruce Campbell, Deadites, and evil cabins back to the mainstream in an ass-kicking way. The first season was a hit with audiences, and the second season premiere saw a notable rise in nightly viewers compared to the series premiere in 2015. The addition of new actors like Lee Majors and Michelle Hurd no doubt helped. Though to be fair, the audiences could be a lot bigger.

Much of the success of Ash vs Evil Dead has to do with the way in which the series honors the history of the legendary horror franchise, while completely striking out in a brand new direction. The comedy, the action, and the carnage all feel firmly rooted in the spirit of Sam Raimi's iconic series, but the Starz series has introduced a ton of brand new elements that simply feel like a logical extension of the universe. Besides, any opportunity to see Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless share the small screen is always welcome; everyone loves a Xena: Warrior Princess reunion, especially when demon guts are involved.

With that in mind, there's clearly not shortage of narrative material here. Although Season 1 ended with Ash pretty much damning the world to the wrath of the Deadites, the second season has brought him back into action to kick some serious ass and spout one-liners in a tentative alliance with Ruby (Lawless); meanwhile, Pablo is still dealing with the after-effects of his Necronomicon possession, and Kelly is in an emotional limbo after having her world torn apart in Season1. Where the story goes from here is anyone's guess, but we're along for the bloody ride, and Ted Raimi is there, too.

Check out the trailer below for Sunday night's episode!

We will bring you all of the latest, greatest, and grooviest details pertaining to the renewal of Ash vs Evil Dead as more information becomes available to us. Make sure to check out the awesome horror series every Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST on Starz. For more information concerning all of the most highly anticipated television debuts, take a gander at our comprehensive fall TV premiere schedule.

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