Depending on who you ask, it looks like Xena: Warrior Princess might be fighting its way back into the back half of the forefront of popular culture, as NBC has possibly given the show a second chance with a modern reboot set for 2016. It’s unclear who would be involved in the casting, as no one has even been hired to write it yet, though Rob Talpert and Sam Raimi are said to be behind the scenes. They’re supposedly going in a new direction here with the central character, so it’s time for dream casting.

Here are 7 actresses whose addition to a new version of Xena: Warrior Princess would make instant sense. There’s always the chance that NBC would try to go with brand new face to lead a reboot, but we’re really hoping a familiar face makes her way to Greece next year.

katee sackhoff
Katee Sackhoff
NBC is reportedly looking for someone with both charm and smarts, and though it’s through mostly intimidating charm, former Battlestar Galactica lead Katee Sackhoff has proven herself to be a captivating presence in several projects , including 24, Riddick and that Power Rangers short. Sackhoff could go full-warrior as Xena. Should Longmire not get another season at Netflix (which is unlikely, because Netflix), this would make for an instant and sensible transition. And would she be blonde or would she go dark? It’s an important question!

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