Mean Game Of Thrones Fans Forced The Actress Who Played The Waif Off Social Media

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Game of Thrones features all different types of characters. Some of these are much closer to villains than heroes, and there is apparently a consequence for playing a less-liked character on the HBO drama: People online hate you. Such was the experience Game of Thrones actress Faye Marsey, who played the Waif, recently encountered. In fact, people were so mean and intrusive that Faye Marsey recently revealed she quit social media because of them. Here's what the actress had to say:

I got a lot of shit after Game of Thrones but people were also really nice. I've had people trying to figure out who I'm in a relationship with and all that shit... I've just come off Facebook three days ago. But I'll go to check it and be like, 'fucking hell, I'm not on that anymore', and thank god I'm not. It's terrifying, social media, it terrifies me.

Speaking at a press conference (via Digital Spy), Marsay explained that some Game of Thrones viewers were really intense online. In fact, some of them even tried to figure out personal information about the actress, thanks to her social media accounts. Social media can be kind-of scary, especially if you are a figure that is a bit more in the public eye and can attract the attention of people who may not have the best social graces online.

On the bright side, the actress did say that a lot of people on social media have been kind. This especially seems to be true of those fans who caught Episode 8 of the most recent season---the episode in which the Waif met her final fate in a stand-off against Arya Stark. Following her demise, well-wishing comments poured in on social media and Faye Marsay even thanked them.

In terms of big villains on Game of Thrones, you would have to think the likes of the actors who played Ramsay Bolton and Joffrey Baratheon would probably take the brunt of the horrifying comments. But Iwan Rheon, who played Ramsay on the series, has been delightful and amusing when it comes to talking about playing a complete scumbag. Jack Gleeson, who originated the role of Joffrey Baratheon, seems blissfully out-of-the-loop regarding GOT stuff at this point. Hopefully, other actors who play well-hated characters on Game of Thrones have managed to avoid this disdain online--or at least not take it too much to heart.

Game of Thrones is expected to return for new episodes in 2017. Presumably they'll be some new characters to hate, too. Find out more with our what we know guide.

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