Will Superman Get His Own Supergirl Spinoff? Here's What Andrew Kreisberg Says

I think it's probably fair to say that after a Season 1 that had a few fakeouts regarding the appearance of Superman to the Supergirl TV universe, fans are enjoying finally having the Man of Steel around National City. In fact, they like having him around so much that they've moved on to asking a totally different question, because now they want to know if we could get an actual Superman-centric show soon. Well, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has some thoughts on that for you.

I'm not going to sit here and say that there's never going to be a world in which there is a Superman TV show and that Tyler's going to star in it. I don't know what the future holds. But right now, that's not our focus. Right now, we're working on Supergirl, which is the flagship, and working on a way for Tyler to reprise the role is really what our focus is on Supergirl right now.

Actor Tyler Hoechlin has really put his stamp on the part of Superman for The CW's Supergirl, but it looks like we shouldn't count on seeing him starring in his own Superman show anytime soon. According to Andrew Kreisberg's words to Comicbook.com, it sounds like there isn't a focus on spinning the character off into his own show just yet. But, at least it sounds like we can look forward to seeing some more of Superman, and ace newspaper reporter Clark Kent, around the show as soon as the people behind Supergirl work out a way for him to come back around.

The show made it clear, once it was finally announced that Superman would, indeed, show up on Supergirl, that the intention was never to have him be the focus of the series when he appeared. In fact, we've already been told that this was one of the reasons that the character didn't come around in any real way during Season 1. Supergirl's writers and producers wanted to make sure that Supergirl was well established in her own right before her more famous cousin showed up and stole some of her thunder. He's only there to help her out and act as a friend and mentor. Superman isn't there to take over; he's already got quite a lot of official protecting to do, and Supergirl has proven that she and her team can handle the villains of National City without him.

Kreisberg's words also make a lot of sense because Supergirl would have to be the main focus right now. The show is only in Season 2, and they're dealing with a production that's recently moved from Los Angeles to Canada; there are still a lot of things to pin down with the series at this time and it would not be the right moment to split focus and start thinking about another TV show.

You can check out Supergirl on The CW at 7 p.m. on Mondays to see when Superman and Supergirl will team up next.

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