The Flash: First Look At Caitlin's Mom Is All Business And No Love

It's a well-established fact that family is a huge theme on The CW's The Flash. From the Wests to the Allens to the Ramons, and even the limited Wells clan, just about every single episode of The Scarlet Speedster's solo series has thematically linked itself to family in some form or another. However, we still have yet to really dig deep into the bloodline of Dr. Caitlin Snow -- until now. We finally have our first good look at Caitlin's mother, Carla Tannhauser, and it's already clear that she's all business.

The Flash

That photo alone should pretty much instantly tell you everything that you need to know about The Flash's take on Carla. She's obviously a successful businesswoman and brilliant scientist who takes absolutely no B.S. from anybody. Actress Susan Walters has signed on to portray the character on a recurring basis throughout the duration of Season 3, so we have a distinct feeling that her presence will soon become a big deal for Ms. Snow.

While the mother-daughter duo will share passion for biology and medicine, the show will depict a serious rift between them, as Carla reportedly feels that Caitlin doesn't appreciate the charmed circumstances of her upbringing. On the other, Caitlin feels that Carla has been an incredibly distant and cold mother. That last part couldn't be more ironic if Alanis Morissette had written it.

Aside from the fact that we've been looking forward to meeting Caitlin's mom for quite some time, we simply cannot ignore how well cast Susan Walters is in this role. She seriously looks like a slightly older doppelganger of Danielle Panabaker. (Future twist!) Here's a closer look at her character if you need any further convincing.

The Flash Caitlin Snow Mother

However, it's the photo of Caitlin and Carla interacting with one another that really lets us know the reason for the reunion. Caitlin has been dealing with the slow but steady emergence of her Killer Frost-esque freezing powers ever since Barry un-Flashpointed the Earth-1 timeline. With her abilities now starting to run rampant, and her hair beginning to turn white (never a good sign) she will need the help of her scientifically brilliant mother to try and alter the effects.

The Flash Caitlin Snow

It's pretty clear from that photo that they aren't heading to happy hour after this meeting. Caitlin needs help, she needs it fast, and she wouldn't go to her mother if she had any other choices available. She's desperate, and we're excited. Overall it seems like The Flash is setting up this introduction quite nicely, as the Arrow-verse has a history of fumbling third season mother debuts. Looking at you, Donna Smoak.

We will bring you any and all relevant details related to the upcoming debut of Caitlin's mother on The Flash as more details become available to us. The Scarlet Speedster's series airs every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. EST. For now, make sure to check out our fall TV premiere guide and fill out your TV viewing schedules!

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