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It was just a short while ago that interest in the nineties sitcom Will & Grace was reignited thanks to the cast reuniting for a fun election segment encouraging people living in the United States to vote. At the time, it seemed like a one-off deal, but reports this morning indicate that NBC at least is interested in the possibility of bringing the all-star cast back together for a new small screen project.

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Currently, a Will & Grace revival has not officially gotten off of the ground yet. Reports today indicate that NBC has met with the show's leads to talk about doing a project for the Peacock Network. If something does ultimately come together, it would obviously need to involve Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally. TV Line reports that the talks indicate a Will & Grace revival would not necessarily be a thing that would last multiple seasons, either. Instead, NBC is envision a limited run series, which would leave the door open for the actors to pursue other projects after filming.

Indeed, the members of the show's original cast are presumably pretty busy. While Debra Messing is between series right now, she's headlined both Smash and Mysteries of Laura since Will & Grace ended, so she's in demand. Eric McCormack is set to headline the Netflix/ Showcase production Travelers and Sean Hayes is in pretty high demand as a producer. Childrens Hospital also just ended, although Megan Mullally has signed up for other film roles. Although busy, if ever there was a time that NBC could work out this sort of deal, now might be it.

As noted prior, interest in the cast is pretty high right now, thanks to the viral voting video and the social media posts the cast put together related to the reunion. It probably helps that we are in the middle of a reboot-a-palooza, with networks choosing reboots, remakes and revivals over brand new series left and right. A lot of the projects that are more nostalgic---things like Fuller House---have done really well for various services, so it's not like a Will & Grace limited series is the worst idea we've ever heard.

The question is whether or not interest is really super high for this sort of project. Sure, it's easy to look at a few Twitter posts and say, "memba when?" But actually sitting down to watch a TV series in live time is a different matter---especially since Will & Grace always geared a little bit older than a family show like Full House. My point being that a lot of the people in the coveted 18-49 advertising demographic may not have really watched Will & Grace when they were younger.

Still, Will & Grace was clearly one of the more popular programs when it was on the air. It's popularity at the time can't be understated, nor can the interest in the reunion a few weeks ago. Although at the time, Eric McCormack reported that nothing was likely to come out of the short reunion, it seems he may have to change his tune soon. We'll keep you updated regarding whether or not a limited series does emerge from these talks.

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