"Oh, the outside world is frightening, where monsters are resurrected by lightning. So we stay inside to stream, and we scream, and we scream, and we scream." It's a shame that Halloween carols aren't more in vogue. Thankfully, horror TV is having one hell of a heyday, and it's never been easier to find a huge number of quality genre series at your fingertips, assuming your Internet bill isn't...past due. (Wolf howls.)

Just in time for Halloween, here are some of the best horror TV shows that you can currently find on the ever-growing number of official streaming sites out there. I'm not going to pretend that this is an exhaustive and all-encompassing list, as I intentionally brought in more modern shows that not everyone might be familiar with, which meant that other popular stalwarts that aren't solely horror-tinged (like Twilight Zone) didn't make the cut. But hopefully you'll be too busy geeking out on gore and ghouls galore to notice.

The Walking Dead

Currently one of the most popular cable series of all time, The Walking Dead is a major reason why the horror genre is booming on the small screen right now. It has spent six years following Rick Grimes and his crew of coming-and-going survivors carving a path back to a semblance of civilization, and there's no end in sight, especially now that Negan has arrived. While some fans will deride The Walking Dead's creative team for how the stories have been adapted from the comic series, no one is knocking the top-tier makeup, gore and special effects that executive producer Greg Nicotero and his team put together on a weekly basis. If you're into visceral messes and turn-on-a-dime action sequences, this is the show for you.

Where You Can Watch: Netflix has Seasons 1-6 of The Walking Dead available, with the Season 7 premiere currently available on AMC's website for free and without the need for a subscription.

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