Because every year of American Horror Story is connected to the previous ones, there are a growing number of excellent characters being introduced that automatically have the potential to return in the future. We have already seen several callbacks in the early episodes of American Horror Story: Roanoke, and co-creator Ryan Murphy has stated we're going to get a lot of familiar faces returning this year, perhaps tied to that giant twist that's coming.

It's impossible to list every single American Horror Story character we'd want to see again, since there are only so many episodes in a season for them to appear in. That said, here are 10 that definitely need to pop back in to bring more havoc and dark hilarity to American Horror Story: Roanoke.

Dr. Arthur Arden - Asylum

Well over three years have passed since the finale for American Horror Story: Asylum, and somehow no TV show has offered up a more successful example of a mutant-creating Nazi mad scientist than James Cromwell's Dr. Arthur Arden/Hans Gruper. I mean, are they even trying?!? In any case, while the reappearance of Gruper in American Horror Story: Freak Show was fun and gave Elsa some backstory, I want to see Cromwell back for a more substantial cameo where he gets to unleash a long string of gross quotables that more than likely would revolve around female anatomy. I don't know how Nazis fit in with Roanoke settlers, but figuring that out would be child's play for AHS.

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