When The Walking Dead returns to AMC for Season 7, it's going to be great to catch back up with Morgan and Carol, and meeting up with Ezekiel and his Kingdom warriors will be great. But that's all just a cherry on top of the very dark and disturbing banana split that is Negan's Introduction - with barb wire around the banana, naturally - and we have yet to learn just who it was that took the eternal fall.

Here is our ranking of all 11 potential victims, ranked by how likely they are to meet their maker by Negan's hand in the premiere, whether we like it or not. Potential spoilers will follow, as we'll be making guesses based on rumors and other factoids floating out there.

11. Rick

One of The Walking Dead's most interesting elements on the comic book page is the relationship between Rick and Negan, two leaders with completely different ideals for how to keep civilization intact. Could the AMC drama pull a fast one on everyone by killing off THE main character on The Walking Dead for the sake of the shock? Yeah, sure, but it's definitely not happening. Rick isn't going to die on the TV series until the last episode, if it happens at all. Even if it made complete sense plot-wise, though, actor Andrew Lincoln has been seen all over the set and has been talking up how much Rick will be changed as the season goes on.

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