The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Took Over For Conan And It's Hilarious

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It's only been a few days since The Walking Dead's Glenn met a brutal fate at the hands of Negan, but don't fret, the actor who played Glenn, Steven Yeun, already has another gig. This week he popped up on TBS' Conan, revealing that he has been acting as a stand-in for the late night host during rehearsal since Conan O'Brien can't be bothered to show up for that aspect of his job. Steven Yeun may not have any experience at being Conan or hosting a late night show, but that only makes this pre-planned sketch even funnier. Give it a watch, below.

During last Sunday's Talking Dead episode, a lot of the members of The Walking Dead cast spoke out about how funny Steven Yeun is, and after seeing this Conan video, I really believe it. In it, Steven Yeun sits behind Conan's desk and laughs about being Conan before taking a sip from the late night host's mug. He also rips up Conan O'Brien's cue cards for the night, telling everyone they will be forced to listen to him play four hours of guitar in place of witty banter. But the red Conan wig may be my favorite:

To make things even better, Steven Yeun's Walking Dead co-star Michael Cudlitz also popped up in the video, filling in for Conan's sidekick Andy Richter. Considering the course of events that occurred during The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere, seeing the two actors together one last time is pretty fitting, albeit a little bittersweet in an otherwise amusing sketch.

Although this Conan rehearsal takeover was a gag for the late night series, Steven Yeun isn't sitting on his laurels now that his time on The Walking Dead is over. Steven Yeun already has a gig doing voice work for the Guillermo del Toro TV series Trollhunters. Earlier he also filmed the as-yet unreleased Netflix project Okja; he also also booked Mayhem and comic book project Chew. So, if you want to see Steven Yeun in action, there should be plenty more opportunities to do so in the coming months.

Although a couple of major characters on The Walking Dead have already fallen at the hands of Negan, it's nice to see his victims are doing just fine in the real world. You can tune in to find out whether or not anyone else will be joining the ranks of formerly employed Walking Dead actors when the hit AMC series airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET. In addition, you can catch new episodes of Conan on weeknights at 11 p.m. ET.

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