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What The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun And Michael Cudlitz Are Doing Next

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Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet watched The Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere.

If you were like a giant section of the TV-viewing public on Sunday night, then you were probably tuned into The Walking Dead on AMC for its body-dropping Season 7 premiere. By the time the episode was through, so much of the anticipation had turned to acid in fans' stomachs, with both Glenn and Abraham getting bashed on the head by Negan's Lucille. Thankfully, their brutal deaths on the AMC drama do not extend to the careers of actors STeven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz, and here's what the actors are up to now.

Steven Yeun is definitely the one with more upcoming gigs lined up. Now that the actor is finished wooing Maggie and saving people on the set of The Walking Dead, he will continue to build up his badassery cred with a handful of potentially excellent projects. He's only got one TV show on the horizon, but that's okay when it's got filmmaker Guillermo del Toro behind it. Yeun is lending his vocal talents to the upcoming animated fantasy series Trollhunters along with Ron Perlman, Kelsey Grammer and the late Anton Yelchin. That series will debut on the streaming service on December 23.

On the feature side, Steven Yeun has been quite busy in the time that he didn't spend filming more Walking Dead episodes. Arguably the most exciting of the projects is Bong Joon-ho's next presumed masterpiece Okja, a monster pig drama that also stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton; the Netflix-produced film has yet to receive a specific release date. Yeun is also set to kick some ass in the next film from Everly's Joe Lynch, Mayhem, which also has yet to get a release date. In that flick, Yeun plays an office exec who is wrongfully terminated on the same day a crazy virus breaks out in the office building. And finally, Yeun is part of another exciting comic book project, as he's voicing the lead role of Detective Tony Chu in the adaptation of Image's fantastic series Chew from John Layman and Rob Guillory.

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Strangely enough, TV vet Michael Cudlitz hasn't gone public with any major announcements about new acting projects to come after The Walking Dead, despite the fact that he's known he'd throw up his final deuces for well over a year now. The former Southland standout did appear on a pair of House of Lies episodes in 2016, so it's not as if he's been resting on his laurels. As well, his Ballers character Dan Balsamo is still technically considered a recurring one, so it's possibly he could reprise that enjoyable role on the HBO comedy when Season 3 kicks up again next June. Fingers crossed more roles are coming his way soon.

With this pair of talented actors no longer heavily involved with the show, if at all, The Walking Dead will move beyond these tragedies when Season 7 airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. To see what else you can find on the small screen later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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