Jai Courtney Is Joining Wet Hot American Summer On Netflix, Because Of Course He Is

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Actor Jai Courtney got his first big acting break on TV back in 2010, but he then immediately jumped into a big screen career that has seen him star in at least one gigantic blockbuster flick in each of the past five years, not to mention the non-blockbuster stuff. Courtney is everywhere these days, and now he's flipping back to TV to surprisingly show off his comedy skills for the Netflix Original Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.

A sequel series to both the original Wet Hot American Summer film, as well as last year's outstanding prequel series, subtitled First Day of Camp, Ten Years Later will obviously take place a decade after the events of that iconic 1981 summer. And just as real-life modern audiences have done, fictional audiences in 1991 are about get a first look at Jai Courtney as a star. He'll be playing an indie movie actor named Garth MacArthur - a name that is extremely fun to say over and over again - who is on the cusp of super-fame.

Garth already has a league of fans, but he's more focused on personal issues, such as his relationship with Amy Poehler's Susie. Well, it's only half a relationship, since she doesn't want to take things past the point of being sporadic lovers, while he wants something more serious. To be expected, Garth will tag along with Susie on her trip back to Camp Firewood for the 10-year reunion, according to Deadline

Jai Courtney's mainstream career has been fairly bereft of comedy, minus the madcap antics of Captain Boomerang in this year's Suicide Squad. So it's hard to know how he's going to do in the inevitable scene where Susie tries to use Garth to make Bradly Cooper's Ben jealous, even though Ben is gay and hopefully still messing around with Michael Ian Black's McKinley.

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Really, it'll be crazy to see Jai Courtney go toe-to-toe with anyone and everyone in this cast, especially Christopher Meloni and Ken Marino. Victor and Garth on a van ride that never ends! Just about everyone from the original cast will be returning, and Courtney is one of the few involved whose age won't be part of Wet Hot American Summer's in-joke. His addition to the cast follows that of Alyssa Milano, an actress who was insanely popular in the early 1990s, when the show is set, so you know her character's age is going to play into it.

If you want to see what Jai Courtney has been up to that won't involve talking cans of vegetables, you can catch the Terminator Genisiys star later this year in the post-apocalyptic thriller Man Down, opposite Shia LaBeouf. As well, he'll star in the wartime drama The Exception with Christopher Plummer and Lily James. And his next flick is set to be a smaller-scale drama The God Four with Natalie Dormer and Michael Douglas.

Wet Hot Jai-merican Summer: Cour-Ten-y Years Later doesn't have a release date set just yet, but it'll make its debut on the streaming service at some point in 2017. To see what else is coming to Netflix around that time, check out our premiere schedule.

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