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If you've been keeping tabs on ratings at all this season, you may know that the CW's superhero series Legends of Tomorrow is the worst-rated DC comics series on the network channel. The good news is that while it is the worst of the four superhero shows the network airs, it is not the worst-rated show on The CW by a long shot. Because of this, the CW is showing a bit of added confidence in the series, signing on for a slew of additional episodes to air during Season 2.

Yesterday, the CW broke news that Legends of Tomorrow has been picked up for an additional 4 episodes on the network. At the start of the season, the channel had only actually signed on for 13 more episodes of the drama, which is generally the order that freshman TV programs get early on but is much rarer for a Season 2 show. Fans who have been watching the series this fall should be pleased to learn they will now be getting 17 full episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, which airs as part of The CW's Thursday night lineup.

While 17 is a pretty strong episode count, it should be noted that the network has not given Legends of Tomorrow a full, 22-episode order, which is the standard for all of the major networks. In addition, it should also be noted that shows like Arrow and The Flash have been given additional episode counts beyond 22 in the past, with both shows routinely earning 23 episode. Legends of Tomorrow may simply be getting fewer episodes because its ratings aren't as good. Alternatively, it may be getting fewer episodes because the writers have a specific story arc in mind.

Per THR, the show has been averaging a .9 rating and 2.4 million viewers since it hit the schedule earlier in October. On other networks, these would be numbers to frown about, but Legends of Tomorrow routinely does better than a lot of the other shows that the network airs during the week. Both Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are lower-rated programs than LOT, and they've both still managed to earn renewals on the network. The CW has two low-rated freshman dramas in the line-up, as well, called No Tomorrow and Frequency. Recent episode of those shows have only wavered around a .3 rating, so I'd say they have a little more to worry about than other CW programs.

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Still, it's never a great position to be the worst of all the shows in one genre or franchise airing on the same network. Legends of Tomorrow faced some criticism during its first season for its time travel narrative and mash-up of characters from several other DC shows. However, there has been a lot of optimism and positivity from its fans regarding the show's first few episodes this season. Maybe Legends of Tomorrow will eventually be a series that more people are drawn to over time. One thing's for certain: it's definitely getting more episodes.

New episodes of Legends of Tomorrow air on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on the CW. To find out what else is heading to TV this winter, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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