The CW has established an impressive empire of superhero series. The next TV season will see four connected comic shows on four different nights, and each drama focuses on a different aspect of the DC comics universe. Arrow covers a non-superpowered superhero, The Flash revolves around a metahuman speedster, Supergirl is all about an alien with powers galore, and Legends of Tomorrow has an ensemble of travelers going on adventures through time and space.

Unfortunately, Legends of Tomorrow often falls short on how it handles those timely adventures. The shortcomings didn't stop Legends from earning a second season, but the series really needs to improve the ways that it uses time travel for the exploits of Rip Hunter and Co. Take a look at our breakdown of 7 reasons why Legends of Tomorrow has to get better at time travel for Season 2.

The Show Is About Time Travel

Legends of Tomorrow is literally about time travel. The show may feature action sequences filled with superpowers and mystical powers and an assassin kicking ass with her bo staff, but it is fundamentally about a team's journey through time and space. The ONE thing that Legends of Tomorrow always needs to get right is time travel. The rest of the issues of the show might not be so problematic if it was firmly and irrefutably established what can and cannot ever be done with its central premise. The rules of time travel on Legends feel like they're being made up as the series goes along, and the characters very rarely face permanent repercussions when they break what rules there are, despite whatever warnings have come up about such timeline alterations. For anybody who has ever seen a quality time travel movie or episode of Doctor Who, Legends of Tomorrow can be tough to watch in that respect.

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