Team Arrow Meets Supergirl In Awesome First Footage From Four-Show Crossover

You remember how there's been talk of a massive, four show crossover on The CW between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow? Well, we finally have our first look at what that crossover is going to be like. Get ready to take it all in.

Well, damn! That's just packed with action goodness, isn't it? Fans of the DC shows on The CW have been looking forward to this crossover since, well, it feels like forever. When we found out a few months ago that Supergirl would be heading over to the network from CBS, we hoped that it would somehow be able to become a part of the Arrow-verse that encompasses the other three DC programs on The CW. And then all that excitement was confirmed when we found out that, even though Supergirl isn't a standard member of that continuity, it would be a part of the yearly crossover event that takes place between the Arrow-verse shows. This, of course, will make this year's crossover the biggest that The CW has seen. Excuse me for a second... EEEEEEEEE!

The trailer, which was released during tonight's episode of Legends of Tomorrow, is, obviously, just a taste of what we can expect from this major four night, four show crossover event. The first step? Barry introducing Kara to everyone, since he's the only one of the heroes who's met her up to this point. Kara beams brightly at everyone and gets everyone's name, and then the trailer is off on a fast-paced action trip, showing off some of the fabulous moments from the crossover. As Felicity excitedly intones at the end, this will, undoubtedly, be the best team up ever.

As can be expected, only something HUGE would bring all these heroes together to fight alongside each other. While we still don't know specifically how Supergirl is going to get to the Arrow-verse, we do know why the team will need her and why she'll need them: The Dominators. The technologically advanced alien race made waves in the comics during the late '80s in a crossover event called "Invasion!" In that story arc, they are part of an Alien Alliance that decided to attack Earth because of the growing population of metahumans on the planet. And, since we've seen from these shows how dangerous metas can be, it makes a lot of sense that an alien race who's watching us might get worried about all the crazy new superpowered people.

We don't have long to wait now. The four night crossover event, which is being called Heroes v Aliens, will start with Supergirl on Monday, November 28 on The CW.

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