The CW has built an empire out of superhero shows, kicking off four nights of primetime per week with shows all about comic book characters. The trend started in 2012 with Arrow, then expanded to The Flash in 2014 and Legends of Tomorrow in early 2016. This fall, the CW lineup got an addition when Supergirl made the move from CBS.

All three of the original CW shows have their merits. There's Arrow for folks who don't like superpowers, The Flash for people who love the fantastical, and Legends of Tomorrow for viewers who like time travel. The writing generally isn't anything phenomenal, and it tends to be best not to think too hard about the plots and just try to enjoy the ride. Supergirl is a different story. Although everyone has their favorite, thanks to a combination of factors, Supergirl has pushed above and beyond the original shows. Check out our breakdown of the big reasons why it has become the best superhero show on The CW.

There's Something For Everyone

Supergirl really has something for everyone. You love superpowers? Kara's got 'em. You don't like superpowers? Meet Alex, who is a very human hero. You enjoy friendly aliens? Martian Manhunter is on hand. There's romance, but it doesn't overpower the plot. There's action, but there's also character development. There are moments ripped from the pages of the comics, but you don't need to be well-versed in DC lore to understand them.

Admittedly, Supergirl isn't a show for anybody who always prefers dark and gritty plots out of their superhero fare. Kara is so full of sunshine that even Barry Allen can seem grim in comparison. Still, there are serious elements that tackle real life issues, ranging from immigration to gender inequality to even genocide. Supergirl strikes a solid balance between a happy hero and a dangerous world. It's the best of Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow rolled together into one.

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