SNL: Watch Dave Chappelle Hilariously Imitate Negan And Bring Back Chappelle Show Characters

Even disregarding the fact that it was a post-election episode, last night's SNL was guaranteed to be a memorable one for the sole fact that Dave Chappelle was stepping back into the spotlight to host. The mind behind the genius Chappelle's Show helped to create a killer night of solid sketches. Many wondered if Chappelle would be resurrecting any of the characters from his own classic sketch show, and the comedian didn't disappoint. Thanks to The Walking Dead, a slew of characters came back only to come face to face with a Chappelle-ized Negan. Check it out.

Last night, in a move straight out of Chappelle's Show, Dave Chappelle re-took the stage to set up a filmed sketch to the audience. "All week long people have been asking me if I'm gonna do any characters from Chappelle's Show tonight, and at first I wasn't going to," he told the audience, "Then I saw that episode of Walking Dead where they smash this guy Glenn on the head and killed him." Glenn was apparently one of Chappelle's favorite characters on the show, and since his death led to this sketch I'm glad he took one for the team.

Exiting out of his RV with Lucille the bat in hand, Chappelle's Negan began to select his first victim with a creepy rendition of "Bubble Gum Bubble Gum." His first victim was none other than Tyrone Biggums, a homeless man with an impossibly high voice and love for crack. Tyrone isn't usually on his knees without doing sexual favors, so Negan moves on to the Time Haters, playa haters who sometimes travel through time. The other characters waiting to feel the wrath of Lucille were Chuck Taylor (the cowardly white guy), Lil Jon (WHAT?! OKAAAAY!) and Clayton Bigsby, a blind white supremacist who doesn't know he's black.

Lucille is a thirsty girl, so Negan makes his choice and lobs off Tyrone's head in one swing! But crack gives you superpowers, so Tyrone wasn't dead just yet. He hilariously dodged Negan's strikes by rolling around on the ground before calling to his body to come pick him up. Tyrone then directly addressed the audience in an oddly touching speech about the election, and continuing to strive forward even when it feels like your head as been separated from your body. Just one of many surprising moments from Saturday Night Live last night.

The night was filled with solid sketches from Dave Chappelle (aided by guest Chris Rock), teasing some white friends over their reactions to the election results, to an SNL-themed press conference questioning Chappelle and the cast about the mistakes in a Jheri curl themed restaurant sketch. Yeah, it was a night of SNL that definitely wasn't afraid to go weird.

Matt Wood

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