4 Big Comic Moments The Walking Dead Just Gave Us

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Spoiler alert for anyone who still hasn't seen tonight's episode of The Walking Dead. Some comic spoilers are included as well.

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has entered into that most glorious of arcs from the comic book series, with creator Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple offering up major moments that are balanced between super-faithful and super-different. There will always be some comic details we hope to never see, and Negan's reign offers up almost too many classic and noteworthy incidents to possibly include. Thankfully, "Service" offered up quite a few moments that hearkened back to the source material in big ways. Check them out.

Negan's Dialogue

Negan is arguably the most powerful addition The Walking Dead has seen in its time on TV, and one of the biggest points of anticipation was how the character's salty and vicious dialogue would get modified for cable. Tonight's episode thankfully let loose with a ton of Negan's most notable lines from his early comic days, from his "Little pig, little pig" at the gates of Alexandria to him questioning the decision to put Olivia in charge of food rations to the most almighty line of them all: "I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it." To be expected, Jeffrey Dean Morgan nailed every disturbing line, and all of Alexandria reacted accordingly.

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Andrea's Sharpshooting

Without Andrea around on the TV show, The Walking Dead has been missing one of the comic series' most important character/weapon combinations. But it seemingly came up tonight when it was revealed Michonne has been heading out (not as much in secret as she thought) to pick off walkers with a rifle, something that Andrea has been known for in the source material. Negan ended up taking all of Alexandria's guns, leaving her without one for the time being, but considering Michonne and Rick already have the relationship that Andrea and Rick do in the comics, it makes sense for Michonne to also take on this new aspect.

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Carl Making A Stand

Admittedly, the way things played out on "Service" weren't at all the same as they were in the comics when Carl made his first macho turn in standing up to Negan inside The Sanctuary, but this might be as close as it gets, since the creative team have talked in the past about how Negan and Carl's relationship won't be the exact one comic fans know. Still, even though Carl doesn't kill anyone, we got to watch him step up to the Saviors, taking a warning shot as they're taking the Alexandrians' goods. Carl gives Negan quite a bit of lip as well, which earns him some verbal clapback, as well as a little bit of silent respect from Negan. Here's hoping Carl continues developing this vengeful purpose.

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Eugene's New Operation

Things have been extremely quiet on the Eugene front on The Walking Dead, but tonight's episode ended on a scene that should open up Monsieur Mullet's story for the near future. Having spent the episode outside Alexandria's walls, Rosita was able to nab a handgun that slipped below Negan's radar, and she shows up to Eugene's place with an empty shell casing, likely kicking off the comic arc in which Eugene focuses his brains on figuring out how to produce ammunition. In the comics, something a little more personal eventually kicks off between Rosita and Eugene, and it's possible that the show specifically made Rosita the gun-retriever so that she and Eugene could be in close quarters more often. (Here's what actress Christian Serratos said about that.)

The Walking Dead brings us comic moments aplenty every Sunday night on AMC. Head to our fall debut schedule and our midseason premiere schedule to see what else is coming to the small screen.

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