Why Hawaii Five-0 Is Seeing A Ratings Bump

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Hawaii Five-0 has enjoyed a Friday night timeslot on CBS for seven seasons, now. However, while its numbers have been steady, it has has regularly dealt with speculation regarding whether or not it would be cancelled or renewed. During Season 7, the numbers haven't been as great as years past, but all that changed last week when Hawaii Five-0 aired its 150th episode. Apparently, that plot was enough to get people back on board. Reports related to this weekend's episode indicate the series is seeing a major ratings bump thanks to hitting the big 1-5-0.

Friday night was a big night for CBS, and especially Hawaii Five-0. This week's episode brought in 10.4 million total viewers and a 1.4 rating. Deadline notes that's a 17% increase in the ratings since Hawaii Five-0 aired its 150th episode the week prior. In addition, the show has seen a whopping 40% increase in the ratings over the past two weeks, marking the first time Hawaii Five-0 has seen these numbers since the Season 7 premiere, when numbers are notoriously higher than the rest of the season.

Elsewhere on CBS, shows were also doing well. MacGyver landed a 1.1 ratings and Blue Bloods did a 1.2 rating, leading CBS to win the night. In fact, Hawaii Five-0's numbers might be enough that the series wins the week, at least in regards to dramas and when discussing the 18-49 demographic. CBS frequently has a lot of shows on the air that do a much higher total viewership than other networks; however, the other networks can compete because they often skew younger. For instance, this week, ABC's Shark Tank also did a 1.2 rating, similar to Blue Bloods, although Blue Bloods did over 10 million viewers and Shark Tank only did a bit over 5 million. Still, it's an impressive feat for some of CBS' long-running shows to be making such a noticeable mark in the ratings at this point in the game.

It's obviously hard to tell how long this ratings bump will last. The 150th episode saw McGarrett's date get interrupted whereupon he learned that his mother Doris had been captured in Morocco. This week, Danny chaperoned a winter formal but things got a little crazy when an Al-Qaeda group infiltrated the event. The show is clearly ramping up to its winter finale right now and we can't wait to see where that leads moving forward.

For now, you can catch CBS' Friday night lineup starting at 8 p.m. ET during primetime. If you'd like to see what dates the networks have already set in regards to midseason, check out our TV premiere calendar. In addition, if you'd like to see how network TV programs are faring this fall, check out our ratings round-up.

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